Diet of Alexey Kovalkov

The most difficult thing in any diet is to change your attitude to food and completely rebuild your diet. Often this implies a radical change in diet, which causes stress in a person and drives him into a state of depression. Realizing this, Dr. Kovalkov developed a system of weight loss, which implies a gradual transition to a healthy diet. The slimming program of this doctor is not aimed at any specific indicators, for example, to drop 10.15 or even 20 kg per month. The main goal - to change their eating habits, which will invariably lead to the improvement of the body and a complete revision of nutrition.

The diet is divided into three stages.

1 stage (preparatory)

Duration - 1 month. At this stage of losing weight, you will have to give up the most harmful and high-calorie foods: baking, pasta, rice, potatoes, carrots, sweets, corn, alcohol. For many, this food is the basis of the diet, so many such restrictions are not easy. To refuse from products it is necessary gradually. This stage of the diet lasts a month and allows you to lose a few extra pounds.

2 stage

Duration - 2 weeks. In addition to those products that you refused during preparation, you will have to exclude from the diet all the proteins of animal origin: meat, poultry and fish. Under the ban also include foods with a glycemic index above 60. To orientate the selection of food will help special tables.

The menu for the day at this stage looks something like this:

Breakfast: low-fat yogurt or kefir, bran, a few nuts, tea.
Lunch: pear or apple.
Lunch: vegetable salad with vegetable oil, a piece of cheese.
Snack: a glass of juice and an apple.
Dinner: 2 protein, low-fat milk.
It is advisable not to skip meals and eat at the same time. Since the food is low-calorie, do not get involved in grueling workouts in the gym.

Stage 3

Duration from 2 weeks to 7 months. The duration depends on the results you want to achieve. At this stage, the food becomes more calorific and varied. The diet adds meat, fish, seafood. As a result, the menu is dominated by proteins, since fast carbohydrates are still banned. At this stage, active training and fitness are recommended. Losing weight will not be too fast, but stable and stable.

Menu for the day:

Breakfast: sour-milk product, several nuts, bran.
Lunch: fruit or seafood.
Lunch: chicken broth, a portion of meat, fish, chicken or turkey, low-fat cottage cheese.
Supper: one protein, vegetable salad.
A positive role of the losing weight plays a big role. Do not be discouraged, feel sorry for yourself. Try to motivate yourself with the result that you plan to achieve.

The total plumb bob with this mode of supply is from 5 to 20 kg, depending on how long you stick to this system and what your initial weight was. Of great importance is the correct way out of the diet - you need to gradually add products that are refused. But do not get carried away by them and use as little as possible. In this case, the achieved results will be kept for a long time.

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