The diet of Elena Malysheva

Perhaps, losing weight from Elena Malysheva is the most famous technique in Russia, because the health reports of this popular doctor and nutritionist are published daily on one of the federal channels. In them, the professor and the doctor of medical sciences actively promotes the rules of healthy nutrition and agitates everyone to change their approach to compiling a daily diet. This is necessary not only to get rid of excess pounds, but also to change the quality of life, strengthen the body and its overall recovery. Diet for a month from Malysheva balanced, diverse and available. The products included in its composition can be bought in any store and prepare food without special culinary skills.


It is necessary to drink abundantly. Slogan of losing weight - water is more important than food.
Do not starve: eat a fraction and often.
Reduce the amount of food eaten at one time, to 250-300 g.
There is no hurry - you need to thoroughly chew every piece of food.
It is important to go in for sports, but exhausting yourself with long physical stress is useless. Half an hour's daily jogging or exercising on simulators will significantly accelerate weight loss.
It is important to count the calories of food you eat. In total, you should consume no more than 1500-1600 calories daily with a gradual weight loss or limit to 1200-1400 at a fast.
Observe the daily routine and sleep at least 8 hours.

The diet can be made independently, focusing on the caloric content of foods and a list of allowed meals. The easiest way is to think through the menu for a week and keep a supply of food at hand, so that there is no desire to step back from the chosen path and eat something forbidden. Choose from the above options any, combining them in random order. However, try to ensure that the food was varied.


Cottage cheese and a sandwich with cheese.
Oatmeal with raisins or nuts.
Cottage cheese, toast and apple.
Milk cocktail with berries and fruits.
Omelette with vegetables.
Porridge with pumpkin.
A cheese sandwich.
Second breakfast:

Apple and yogurt.
Milk and berries.
Sandwich with peanut butter.
Berry mix.
2 tangerines.

A piece of fish, a salad, a loaf of bread and a glass of kefir.
Sandwich with poultry meat and greens.
Mackerel and vegetables.
Meat salad of turkey and beef.
A piece of beef, leafy greens and potatoes.
Salad with apple and tuna.
Soup with chicken and potatoes.

Yogurt with berries.
Milk and ice cream.
Baked in the oven apple with honey and cinnamon.
Carrot mix with celery.
Yogurt and banana.
Salad with apple and beets.
A glass of ryazhenka.

Serving of beef and vegetable salad.
A piece of chicken with potatoes and vegetable sliced.
Poultry meat with spinach, cooked on the grill.
Fish with steamed vegetables and cheese.
Beef and asparagus.
Curd with berries and toast.
Macaroni with tomatoes.
Ready meals

For those who do not want to cook different dishes every day and are not sure that they will be able to keep from excess, Malysheva offers a set of ready meals for a month. It is packaged in hermetically sealed containers of food, which are divided into 4 types: breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks and suppers. In addition to these ready-made foods, it is additionally allowed to eat 1 apple, a green salad and drink a glass of kefir. Such food has many advantages:

It is safe and useful, contains all the elements necessary for health and minerals.
Simple in cooking: you just need to warm up in the microwave or pour boiling water.
Provides consumption of only 800-1400 kcal (depending on the chosen option), which makes weight loss safe and gradual.
Can be used for a long time.
The only drawback is the relatively high price and the need to store a month's supply in the refrigerator, in which there is not always a place. The peculiarity of such a system is rice or buckwheat days. Once a week you need to eat only prepared in advance porridge, which will cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances.

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