Reset 10 kg per month

Perhaps, this is the most sparing variant of a diet for a month, from all offered, as to get rid of 10 kg for a month it is possible without special efforts and deprivations. It is enough just to adjust the menu a little and to increase physical activity in order to achieve such a result. Optimum, practice fitness 2-3 times a week.

Rules of the diet

Do not eat too late! The last meal should be no later than 19:00. Feeling of hunger in the evening hours can be smashed with a glass of kefir or herbal tea.
To sleep a lot. It is best to go to bed before 23:00. At this time, the most active are metabolic processes in the body, a hormone is produced that is responsible for the breakdown of fats. Active weight loss is at this time!
Drink plenty. With a disturbed drinking regimen, metabolism is broken, so all efforts to get rid of excess weight will be in vain.
Get rid of bad habits. Often they lead to the appearance of excess weight and prevent weight loss. Smoking, alcohol are detrimental to metabolic processes and slow down metabolism.
Competently combine products. Divide carbohydrates and fats, otherwise you will always remain in your size.

The basis of the diet is the allowed products, including any vegetables (except potatoes), fruits (except bananas and grapes), low-fat milk and dairy products, lean meat, cereals. From bread it is desirable to choose only whole grains. The list of banned items includes confectionery, butter and any fat, smoked products, alcohol, sweets. It is advisable to limit the pasta in your diet and try to give up salt.

Menu options

There is no strict menu. A man makes a diet on his own, guided by the recommended options. It is advisable to adhere to a 5-off meal, which will help not to starve and easily carry pauses between meals.

Breakfast (optional):

Fruit salad with yoghurt.
A serving of low-fat cottage cheese.
3-4 tbsp. L. Whole grain cereal.
2 eggs with vegetable salad.
Second breakfast:

Bread with tea.
Apple or ½ grapefruit.
A slice of cheese with ginger tea.
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and bread.

Vegetable soup without potatoes.
A piece of fish or lean meat, a vegetable mix.


Baked fish or meat. A fresh vegetable salad.
Vegetable pilaf and cucumbers.
Low-fat cottage cheese with fruit.
The diet is fairly gentle and balanced. You can do without multivitamin complexes, if you follow the variety of menus.

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