Recipes for dishes for a couple diet

Soup with mashed potatoes

Peel and cut into small pieces 1-2 potatoes and 0.5 kg of ripe pumpkin (its flesh should be yellow-orange in color, and the peel - firm). Pour chicken or meat broth, so that it covers the mixture. Cook over low heat until the potatoes are ready. Grind in a blender until smooth mashed, add salt and spices. Serve with sour cream.

Rice soup with cod fillets in a multicrew

Peel potatoes, cut into cubes, chop onion, grate carrots, rinse rice thoroughly. All the ingredients put in a bowl multivarka and cook in the "soup" mode for 15-20 minutes. Add the codfish, greens, salt and spices cut into small pieces. Cook for another 10 minutes. When serving, sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Vegetable stew in the double boiler

Ingredients: potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes. Carrots grate, all the rest is cut large. Mix the vegetables, salt, add seasoning "Italian herbs" and put in a bowl for rice. Cook for 40-50 minutes. This stew can be used as a separate dish or as a side dish to meat.

Pepper stuffed with meat and rice, steamed

Remove the Bulgarian pepper from the seeds, cut the stem and place it in the steamer for 5 minutes. Mix equal amounts of lean ground meat with boiled and semi-prepared unpolished (brown) rice. Add finely chopped onions, grated carrots, salt, ground pepper, a little vegetable oil. Fill the resulting mixture with a cup of peppers, place them in a steamer bowl and cook for 30-40 minutes. Serve with sour cream or tomato sauce.

Stewed beef with sweet and sour sauce in the multivark

0.5 kg of beef tenderloin cut into small pieces of elongated shape, salt, pepper, put in a bowl multivarka, greased with vegetable oil. Top with finely chopped carrots, onion, parsley root. Pour the broth so that it completely covered the mixture, cook in the "quenching" mode for about an hour. Mix 2 tbsp. L. Tomato paste, 1 tbsp. L. Flour, 1 tbsp. L. Sugar, 1 tsp. Lemon juice or fruit vinegar, tomato paste, several peas of sweet pepper, bay leaf. Dilute the mixture to the liquid state with broth from the multivarka, the resulting sauce pour into the bowl. Stew for another 10 minutes.

Soufflé soufflé from chicken "Mosaic"

300 g of chicken fillet chop in a blender. Half a bell pepper red and a small slice of pumpkin cut into small cubes of pumpkin, 5 minutes to hold in boiling water or try to steam. 1-2 eggs beat with a spoonful of cream. 50 g of canned green peas filter out from pouring. Mix all ingredients and salt. Put in a bowl multivark, cook for 40 minutes in the "baking" mode. Ready soufflé to cool, cut into slices.

Millet porridge with pumpkin

Peeled and cut into cubes pumpkin put in a bowl multivarki, pour a small amount of water, cook until softened (about 10 minutes). Add thoroughly washed millet, pour in the milk and cook until the porridge becomes thick, and only then put sugar in the porridge. If the porridge is cooked on the stove, it will have to be stirred constantly so that it does not burn.

Curd soufflé

Cottage cheese grind, add to it a beaten egg, vanilla sugar and peeled peeled apples on a large grater. Blend the mixture thoroughly, put into silicone molds. Bake at high temperature in an oven or microwave oven. The baking time is 5-10 minutes. This souffle can also be prepared with raisins, slices of prunes, or adding ground citrus peel to it.

Fruit and berry smoothies

To prepare this dessert you will need: grapefruit, banana, a few apricots, a handful of strawberries and 0.5 cups of grape or citrus juice. Berries and fruit are ground in a blender, then juice is added to them. A ready drink is served in glasses, decorating the top with currant berries.

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