Green diet on apples

The apple complex on weight correction is very popular among those dreaming of getting a slender figure. Such a system is available and effective, and the maximum result is given by a diet on green apples.

Experts recommend that those who have not previously practiced weight loss in this way, to arrange at the beginning of apple fasting days, and afterwards go directly to a three-day mono-diet. Considering that you only need to eat apples, so that the ration is not boring, experiment - bake the fruits, cook mashed potatoes, eat raw. The maximum daily dose is 1.5 kilograms. Divide the provisions into 4 receptions and use them. Be sure to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, while the first couple of glasses drink on an empty stomach to start the process of metabolism.

Some can not stand monoratsion. In this case, you can add protein foods - meat, eggs, dairy products, but it is allowed to consume no more than 100 grams of such food daily.

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