Sweets do not lead to the appearance of obesity

Leading researchers from the US voiced their verdict: sweets are not the cause of obesity in humans. They came to this decision after several experiments.
The authors of the scientific project, during which the question of the degree of influence of consumed sweet on weight gain (staff of the University of Louisiana), stated in the end: "The consumption of sweet foods does not affect the body weight in a negative way." According to them, the sweet becomes an activator of unhealthy fullness only in rare and specific cases, when there is a deep physiological disorder that leads to disruptions in metabolism and energy exchange.

The doctors explained that the idea of ​​sweets as the cause of excess weight and obesity was due to the fact that these products are often used by people full and fat. Experts emphasize: in such people, sweet foods are only one of the elements in their nutrition, that is, in addition to them, many more are used. According to the hypothesis of doctors, obesity in lovers of sweet food develops due to a systematic abuse of the norm of calories, as well as excessive absorption of food with artificial additives in its composition, and against a background of low physical activity. For a person who is active and who does not eat too much, the presence of sweets in the diet will not do harm, insists scientists from Louisiana.

Note that the above arguments were made by specialists after 5 years of observations for 18 thousand men and women. The authors of the project reported that they were convinced not only that sweets were vainly demonized, but that their use could benefit health. They argue that sweet treats play the role of antidepressants, and also can reduce the likelihood of developing a metabolic syndrome by 15%, and hypertension - by 14%.
The most useful for a good health of sweets - is, first of all, those that are made from natural ingredients, stressed the doctors. They believe that sweet lovers should prepare their own delicacies by themselves - this is the best way to protect against unwanted components like sugar substitutes or hydrogenated fats, which are often saturated with industrial products.

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