Fat on the stomach is more useful than cubes

Physicians from the University of Alabama in Birmingham (USA) have determined the useful function of the epiploon - folds of the internal peritoneum, rich in fatty deposits. The corresponding study is published in the journal Trends in Immunology.

As shown by scientists, the omentum performs immune functions: the fluid circulating between the abdominal organs is filtered by the tissues of the fold. In the opinion of the authors, the omentum is the first in the body to react to infection (fibrosis appears due to the reaction to antigens), according to its condition, one can track the initial stage of the disease development.

Well, it's necessary, what the Americans will not come up with, just to find suitable arguments justifying the mass obesity of their population. As far as I know, the poor layers of the US population are getting fat from "junk" food from chemistry and fusion, and natural food is expensive. The problem is easier to solve: convince the poor that fat and belly, it's good.


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