The danger of drugs for weight loss

Excess weight does not arise without a reason. Most often - this is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition or disturbances in the body. The most frequent reasons for the accumulation of extra pounds - a malfunction in the pancreas or thyroid gland, liver or hormonal system, experts say. That's why doctors with great distrust refer to tempting offers to lose weight with the help of tablets, teas, and supplements. Such remedies are extremely harmful to health, as they interfere roughly in the metabolic processes of the body. Due to what it is and how exactly means for weight loss affect the body?

Types of means for weight loss

Regardless of the form of release, the company and the country of the producer all "slimy" can be divided into five types.

Psychostimulating. This group includes drugs that affect the nervous system. Most often due to such psychotropic substances as caffeine, guarana, cola, Garcinia Cambodian, hudia gordoni. And it does not matter, the plant origin of the active ingredients or the synthetic one - both of them affect the central nervous system, suppressing the appetite. The side effect of such drugs for weight loss is rapid addiction, depletion of the nervous system (depressive conditions), disruption of the internal organs (pressure leaps, the work of the liver, heart).

Laxatives. Most teas for losing weight contain a complex composition of herbs. However, on closer examination, it turns out that the miracle tea is just a laxative on the basis of the hay. This means that long-term administration of such drugs, on the one hand, causes loss of potassium and disrupts the heart and pancreas, and on the other hand it can provoke intestinal atony, as a result of which one day it may refuse to work independently.

Diuretics. No less harmful to health and "slimy" with a pronounced diuretic effect. Long-term use of such teas causes a violation of the water-salt balance of the body, loss of potassium and general dehydration.

Stimulants of peristalsis. Another method of losing weight is the use of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). This synthetic agent acts like a natural plant-based fiber, that is, swells in the stomach (causing a feeling of satiety) and in parallel stimulates the work of the intestine (enhances its peristalsis). So that's great! - Tell you and you will be wrong, because for weight loss you should eat a huge amount of MSC, and this leads to irritation of the intestinal wall, and eventually causes the lazy bowel syndrome (getting used to constant stimulation, it stops working itself).

Fat Burners. Some weight loss products contain fruit extracts, for example, pineapple or papaya, which the producers position as fat burners. However, bromelain - an enzyme contained in pineapples, accelerates the splitting of proteins, nothing more. Thus, it promotes the digestion of food, as for fats, then it has no influence on them. Well, perhaps, in parallel with the reception of "burners" you will actively engage in sports.


Each drug for weight loss has its own contraindications, most often these are diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, nervous system. However, not all manufacturers consider it necessary to directly inform the consumer about this. Some cunning, for example, write that garcinia Cambodian improves mental and physical performance. And only experts know that behind these harmless words there is information about a psychotropic substance. Hoodia Gordoni is generally poorly understood. However, even today one can say that the active substance of this plant interferes with the work of the central nervous system, "deceiving" the brain and actively interacting with the receptors responsible for glucose uptake. The consequences of this substitution can be the most unpredictable, and the results are questionable, since the drug "works" only if a low-calorie diet is observed, and this in itself stimulates weight loss.

How to lose weight without a threat to health?

Losing weight is not an easy task, and it needs to be solved in a comprehensive manner, starting with the cleansing of the whole organism, switching to proper nutrition (preferably a fractional 5-6 times a day), observing the water balance (at least 2 liters per day, preferably 15-30 minutes before Eating) and the regime of motor activity. To take into account all these nuances, consult a doctor. If necessary, he will appoint you vitamins or pick up supplements, but not with psychostimulants, but those that will normalize the work of internal organs (pancreas, liver, kidneys) and achieve an acceleration of metabolism. All these measures will force the body to cleanse itself and lose weight. Only in this way you can get rid of excess weight not for a week, as it happens after the means for losing weight, but for ever.

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