How to reduce the negative impact of diets on our skin?

Skin loosening is the most unpleasant consequence of losing weight. After all, you so persistently went to achieve the desired weight, imagined how irresistible you will be on the beach or in new shorts on the sports field. And instead of the fat fold, you see dangling skin. This can be very frustrating!

First of all, I want to note that not everyone is faced with such a problem. Most often, it occurs in those who have dropped an impressive amount of fat in a relatively short period of time. Not following a proper diet and without prophylaxis from stretch marks. Therefore, the degree of sagging of the skin is proportional to how many kilos you have dropped.

I do not want to scare you, but if the skin dies after losing weight, it depends only on you! The selected method of weight loss and the number of pounds dropped.
Let's say if you dropped:

From 4 to 10 kg. There is a slight drop, noticeable only for you. The body quickly comes into tone.
From 10 to 20 kg. People around see dangling wrinkles, which are visible in open clothes. When taking special measures, you can gradually bring the skin back to normal.
From 20 to 30 kg. The figure even in closed clothes has imperfect outlines. Eliminate the consequences of this weight loss is difficult, but possible. Most likely, the help of experts and visiting of salon procedures is required.
From 30 kg. To remove the problem areas, you will have to turn to plastic surgeons.

The reason lies in the fact that before the fat tissue stretched the skin, and now it was disposed of. As if there was emptiness. With a gradual loss of weight, the body increases the production of collagen, and the skin stretches. If there was a sharp drop of fat, it just takes the form of a blown ball.

The second most important cause is the stress experienced by the body. The acute shortage of nutrients slows the metabolism, the work of the hormonal system is disrupted. Based on human biology. This means slow cell regeneration, starvation and drying. And now they cease to produce life-giving collagen for the skin, and the folds peacefully hang in the most problematic areas.

And this is only one of the consequences of an emergency diet or containing few nutrients. Sometimes people turn gray, their teeth crumble, pimples, pigment spots, wrinkles appear, hair falls out. All these are alarm signals, which inform about the need to change the strategy and find a more sparing approach.

Even if a similar calamity has happened to you, do not despair ahead of time. You had the courage and perseverance to get things done and get the desired form. So, you have enough motivation to eliminate and work on this task! You can get rid of stretch marks and skin pouches. Although this task will be no less laborious than dropping excess kilograms. So be patient.

Is it possible to restore sagging skin? Of course, yes! The key factor is the resumption of its elasticity, called the turgor. He is responsible for the property of contracting and stretching.

To make it work, you will have to make a lot of efforts! To normalize the damaged turgor, compliance with such rules will help:

Time. Stop losing weight or make it slow. Physiologically correct weight loss is 1 kg per week. A faster rhythm will play a cruel joke: the skin does not have time to pull up so swiftly as you lose pounds. She needs time to recover.
Special menu. The effect of diet on the skin is unconditional. If a deficiency of substances can significantly worsen its turgor, then a properly formulated diet can change this. It should include foods that contain B vitamins, magnesium, iron, collagen fibers.
The daily menu must include broccoli, asparagus, liver, oat bran. Stress is recommended to make on fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber, and meat. Good and fat fish, as a source of healthy fats. As a sweet is useful jelly, prepared from agar, not gelatin.
Video "Sore skin after losing weight - why and what to do?":
Maintaining water regime. Water feeds the cells, accounting for 95% of their volume. Deficiency of water is manifested in the appearance of flabbiness, grayness and sagging. In addition to taking a sufficient amount of water, it is worth to abandon the miraculous belts, which during the training supposedly burn more fat. They just drain excess water. And its loss negatively affects the turgor.
Wrapping with algae. Very effective procedure. In algae contains a large number of necessary substances. And even a form that has lost its shape, perhaps the most problematic place, will become more attractive.
Power training. Unlike yoga and aerobics, such exercises help not only to lose weight, but to pump up muscles. Their tone and increase will build a more attractive outline shape, help to firmly fix the skin in place, masking the loss of fatty layer. Only 3 trainings a week will be enough to activate metabolism, and hence synthesis of collagen cells! And thanks to the expansion of the capillary grid, even the smallest sosudiki can be saturated with oxygen and nutrients.
A month of regular classes already gives a visible result, regardless of whether the problem is breast, abdomen or knees.
Limited sunbathing. Long stay in the sun contributes to the appearance of dryness, lethargy. It provokes appearance of pigment spots. For tanning it is better to choose the morning hours, to 10, do not forget to use the cream.
Massage. It effectively affects the regeneration of cells, to which under the influence of intense movements, the blood flows better. It is especially good to use it in the problem zone of the armpits or back. You can carry out manual or vacuum massage.

Pilling. Qualitatively made pilling moisturizes the skin, makes it supple. In particularly severe cases, it is recommended to carry out the procedure up to 2 times a day. Movements should be intense, but neat, so as not to scratch yourself. Cooking scrubs at home is very easy. It is enough only to have ground coffee, salt, honey and base oil. Adding essential oils of juniper, bitter orange, rosemary, grapefruit and bergamot will only enhance the effect.
Cold and hot shower. Elementary method, which does not require special efforts.
Following these tips is effective as prevention to those who have just started to lose weight and those who already have a problem. The difference is only in the frequency of procedures and their duration. The only correction is that age also has a strong effect on the physiological properties of the skin: in 40 years, it needs additional care, moisturizing. Therefore, when losing weight, measures should be taken in advance. The skin has an ideal elasticity only in adolescence: in 14 years. Next, carefree to rely on good genetics is not necessary.

Patience and a little effort!
Neglect procedures is not necessary, if indeed there is a goal to get rid of stretch marks and sagging. It is necessary to overcome laziness and make the above-mentioned procedures in daily business, along with brushing your teeth. Because except for yourself can only help surgical intervention. Despite the illusory attraction: instead of you remove excess skin and pull the rest, it's very dangerous and expensive procedures.

It is much better to do everything on your own. Remember, this is an invaluable experience. And even if everything does not go smoothly and easily, you try very hard. Once you have the courage to step onto this path, have the strength and finish the chosen path!

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