Reset 20 kg per month

This diet for a month belongs to the category of low-calorie and will require a lot of aging from the slimming. Since you will have to completely rebuild your diet, you can not rule out dizziness and weakness. However, they are typical only for the first week of the event. Further, the organism already adapts to new conditions for it and reacts more easily to a decrease in calorie content of food.

To avoid an abrupt transition from regular food to a diet, it is recommended to tune in to a new regime in advance. For a week, try to reduce the amount of food you eat, give up sweets and all high-calorie foods. It is desirable to completely exclude alcohol, which most unfavorably affects the figure.


The diet is prescribed by the week. At the 1,2 and 3rd seven days, the menu is identical.
The day before the beginning of weight loss you need to cleanse the intestines - to make an enema or take a salt laxative.
We must strictly follow the sequence of days and do not change the ready-made diet.
It is necessary to drink plenty of water, which will accelerate weight loss and relieve constipation.
Start a better diet on weekends or on vacation, so that fits of weakness do not distract from work.
Menu by day

The first day: from breakfast to lunch in small portions we drink 1 liter of low-fat milk. For dinner, eat 100 grams of black bread and drink it with tomato juice.
Second and fifth: Lunch a piece of black bread with honey, drink coffee with milk (unsweetened). For lunch we eat 100 g of ham or a small piece of meat, a sandwich with 100 g of Dutch cheese, we drink low-fat broth. For dinner, cook 2 eggs.
The third and the sixth: we have breakfast with two fruits to choose from: apples, oranges or peaches. Lunch a serving of vegetable soup with 1 tsp. Vegetable oil.
Fourth and seventh: for breakfast we drink coffee with milk and eat a piece of Dutch cheese. We dine with ham or a portion of meat with a piece of black bread and 2 eggs. Instead of dinner we drink a glass of kefir.
This diet is repeated 3 times. In the last week of losing weight you need to follow a different menu: for each day a certain product is installed, which must be eaten in several receptions.

Monday - 1.5 kg of apples of different varieties.
Tuesday - 1,5 kg of boiled or steam chicken.
Wednesday - 1.5 kg of tomatoes and cucumbers.
Thursday - 1 kg of cooked meat.
Friday is a bottle of mineral water and 0.5 kg of cheese.
Saturday - a liter of kefir, 2 eggs, a portion of boiled fish.
Sunday - 1 kg of cheese and a bottle of red wine.
The most intensive weight loss occurs precisely in the fourth week, when the body already tolerates a half-starved existence quite fairly and does not accept tests in the form of dizziness attacks. For one this stage you can lose 7-8 kilograms.

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