Diet of Junger

The main purpose of the food system for Jünger is to cleanse all unnecessary - toxins, bad habits, the effects of stress. Before the start of the course of detoxification, it is necessary to conduct appropriate training. To do this, you need to gradually change your diet:

Refuse all harmful food.
Reduce the amount of meat and white foods consumed - salt, sugar, rice, macaroni, white bread.
Introduce in the diet more vegetables and whole-grain cereals.
Preference is given to give salads, soups, dishes from legumes and vegetables.

Junker's method is not a diet, but a way of life in which it is necessary to eat food prepared at home, to monitor the amount, volume and caloric content of portions, the content of salt or sugar in them.

The maximum duration of the course is calculated for 21 days. The entire period must strictly follow the main principles of the proposed detox:

For breakfast, eat liquid food, for other meals - firm.
Have a snack with raw vegetables, fruits, nuts.
With acute hunger eat fruit puree or fresh.
Drink lots of pure water and green tea.
At the same time, cleansing should be complex and affect not only the body, but also consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary to control one's thoughts, get rid of negative ones and leave only positive ones, and also move more, meditate, lead an active life.

Sample menu

The products allowed by Dr. Junger include:

Vegetable milk (almond, coconut, oatmeal, etc.);
Cereal grains (wheat, rye, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, amaranth);
Vegetables, fruits, fresh from them;
Lean species of fish, meat;
vegetable oils;
Nuts, seeds;
sea ​​salt;
Honey, agave syrup.
Jünger recommends using less meat, replacing it with raw vegetables and fruits, and also giving up ready-made products - shop sauces (including ketchup and mayonnaise), sausages, canned food, smoked products, fast food.

In addition, should be excluded from the diet:

Grapefruit, oranges, grapes, bananas, strawberries;
Solanaceae (eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes);
Soy products, barley, couscous, oats;
Fat meat, shop meat products;
Peanuts, pistachios;
Spicy seasonings;
All sweets, except those permitted;
Alcoholic and carbonated drinks, strong tea, coffee.
To understand the essence of the diet of Junger, it is offered to familiarize with the sample menu:

On an empty stomach - a glass of warm water with a lemon;
Breakfast (after 30 minutes) - berry smoothies or vegetable cocktail;
Lunch - herbal infusion with honey;
Dinner - meat or fish, steamed vegetables or a salad with linseed oil;
Afternoon snack - fruit;
Dinner - cucumber salad with mint.
Throughout the diet, you need to carefully monitor the body's signals - it will tell you what is useful and what is not. Dr Jünger says that after 3 weeks of diet, taste preferences improve significantly, and eating habits become healthy. Therefore, after its completion, few people return to the usual diet. Almost everyone switches to a less strict but balanced diet. And with a healthy lifestyle, detoxification will no longer be needed later.

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