Classic diet for 21 days

When choosing a diet, it is important to take into account its effect on the body and properly calculate its own strength. If too fast, you can cause significant health damage, so it is recommended to lose weight for at least 3 weeks to get a soft and long-term result. The classic diet for 21 days, developed by a group of doctors, is designed for an average urban resident and allows you to get rid of an average of 10 extra pounds. Participation in its creation was taken by narrowly specialized specialists - therapeutist, endocrinologist, urologist, cardiologist and allergist, who took into account the lifestyle of a sedentary person, who feeds haphazardly with fast food and various culinary excesses, and also does not burden himself with physical exertion.

Essence and rules

During the whole period of losing weight, entering and leaving the diet, you can not drink alcohol, sugar and salt. In addition, it is forbidden:

Take laxatives or diuretics.
Starve or give up late (after 18:00) dinner if there is a feeling of hunger.
Refuse to drink abundantly.
To exclude from a diet fiber.
Take food through strength when it's time to eat (just chew cucumber, greens or cabbage).
Refuse the recommended preparation and correct exit.
The preparatory phase should begin 10 days before the start of the course. For this you need to gradually:

Reduce portions of food, increasing the number of its receptions.
Exclude simple carbohydrates (flour and sugar-containing products), increasing the volume of fresh vegetables.
When you leave the diet you also need to gradually return to the usual diet, while retaining useful eating habits.

Sample menu

The basis of the diet is protein products. The amount of protein required depends on the initial body weight - on average, the daily fluctuates between 58 and 80 grams. They need to be consumed in several doses throughout the day, using purchased protein mixtures or natural sources of protein:

Chicken breast (100 g of prepared dish contains 19 g of protein and 110 feces);
Sea fish (15-20 g, 70-120 kcal depending on the variety);
Chicken eggs (in one egg - 8 g of protein, 70 kcal, 100 grams of omelet - 20 g and 90 kcal).
In addition, the menu must contain live fiber. To do this, you need to eat fresh vegetables, cereals and legumes. Thus, the recommended one-day menu for a person weighing 60 kg should include:

For breakfast - 150 grams of omelets, a portion of cereal cereal;
For lunch - 200 grams of fish fillets, a portion of legumes, fresh vegetables;
For dinner - 100 grams of chicken breast with fresh vegetables.
Also between meals should drink 2.5-3 liters of clean water - 30 minutes before and 1.5 hours after eating. It is allowed to include green tea and herbal infusions in the total amount.

With all the recommendations on this diet, you can not only lose weight, but also improve the body, develop healthy eating habits that will help keep the result in the future.

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