Chinese diet for 21 days

The culture of nutrition for the Chinese is not just a necessity, providing vital activity, but a tool for improving the body. Therefore, the Chinese diet for 21 days is among the most healthy. Traditionally, it includes a small amount of fish and meat, raw or lightly boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, spices, green tea.

Essence and rules

From time immemorial, China uses the categorization system of food to taste: salty, sour, bitter, pungent, sweet. Each product belongs to one of the categories and has a corresponding type of energy. The most useful is a diet consisting of all 5 tastes.

A feature of the Chinese diet is that, with its balance, it remains fairly strict. To comply with it within 21 days requires a lot of endurance and perseverance.

When compiling a menu of Chinese diet should be guided by the following principles:

Breakfast should be small in volume and consist of healthy foods that need to be changed daily to provide the body with everything you need.
Lunch is the largest and most important meal that is meant for enjoyment, therefore it is allowed to eat any dishes, but with a minimum amount of fat.
Dinner - light, low-calorie, the smallest in volume and energy value.
According to the Chinese, the violation of these principles of nutrition is the main cause of various diseases and weight gain.

Sample menu

The diet of a 3-week Chinese diet is designed in such a way that it improves metabolism, cleansing and healing. For this, it is necessary to eat according to the following scheme.

Days 1, 8, 15:

Breakfast - omelette with tomatoes, bell pepper and herbs, 1 orange, green tea;
Dinner - cabbage salad with lemon juice and olive oil, boiled rice, baked fish fillet, fruit fresh;
Dinner - steamed veal, vegetable sliced.
Days 2, 9, 16:

Breakfast - fruit salad with nuts, 2 toast, coffee;
Dinner - vegetarian stew with rice and spices, cooked on a small amount of vegetable oil, boiled meat with soy sauce, 1 fruit to choose from;
Dinner - fish fillet steamed, 1 raw egg, fresh from tomatoes.
Days 3, 10, 17:

Breakfast - cereal porridge to choose from, herbal tea with honey;
Lunch - carrot casserole with egg and vegetable oil, grilled meat with spices, fruit fresh;
Dinner - seafood, vegetarian salad.
Days 4, 11, 18:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, vegetarian salad, fruit fresh;
Dinner - pilaf, salad with olive oil, 2 apples;
Dinner - baked fish fillets, fresh vegetables.
Days 5, 12, 19:

Breakfast - carrot-egg salad, 2 toast, green tea;
Dinner - beef, stewed with cabbage on vegetable oil, 2 tomatoes, fruit salad;
Dinner - fish, cauliflower for a couple.
Days 6, 13, 20:

Breakfast - boiled rice with dried fruit, orange fresh;
Dinner - boiled chicken, shredded cabbage with lime juice and olive oil, scrambled eggs;
Dinner - seafood, fresh from tomatoes.
Days 7, 14, 21:

Breakfast - 1 poached, boiled beet, 1 citrus (grapefruit);
Lunch - vegetable assortment (to choose from), boiled veal with rice, fruit fresh;
Dinner - fish fillet, leaf salad.
Since portions in the menu are not regulated, their volume must be determined independently, taking into account the characteristics of the organism and the goals set. Thus it is impossible to starve or overeat, the food should be moderate. The standard course duration is 21 days, weight loss is 8-10 kg.

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