Diet of Kim Protasov

A feature of the method of weight loss, created by Kim Protasov, is the lack of restrictions on the mode of food intake and the volume of portions - there is allowed at any time of the day in unlimited quantities. But you can only eat certain foods. In general, the diet of Kim Protasov lasts 5 weeks, but nutritionists recommend starting it from 3 weeks and observe only 21 days. This is due to the fact that diets 1-2 weeks are very unbalanced and can adversely affect overall health and skin condition.

Essence and rules

During 5 weeks of the "Brawl" it is necessary to eat certain products:

1-2 weeks - only raw vegetables and dairy products, plus it is allowed to eat 1 boiled egg a day;
3-5 weeks - 300 grams of dietary meat or fish are added to the previous ration by reducing the number of dairy products.
In addition, every day you should drink from 2 liters of liquid, including any unsweetened drinks, and also eat 3 green apples.

Weight loss on the diet of Kim Protasov is very individual. According to the author of the technique, everyone will be able to lose just as many kilograms as necessary and useful for him.

This result is due to a very thoughtful choice of products:

Vegetable food sates with vitamins, fiber;
Dairy products supply protein, calcium, lactose;
In the last 3 weeks the body receives the required amount of fat.
But in general, weight loss is due to low caloric intake and long duration of the course.

Sample menu

Since in the original version, the Kim Protasov diet is designed for 5 weeks, its 3-week version can be used in two most rational ways, which are approved by professional nutritionists (in contrast to the "whole" version):

1 week instead of two on a vegetarian menu plus 2 weeks on a diet with meat.
21 days completely on the menu 3-5 weeks.
Menu 1-2 weeks in the version of Kim Protasov should be as follows:

Breakfast - vegetarian salad with yogurt, tea (can be milked);
Lunch - salad from 1 apple and cottage cheese with yoghurt, cinnamon and vanilla;
Dinner - soup puree from raw vegetables, ground in a blender, egg-vegetable salad with greens and garlic, dressed with yogurt;
Afternoon snack - pepper stuffed with cheese and vegetables, apple and vegetable fresh;
Dinner - cottage cheese and vegetable salad, 1 apple.
The menu of 3-5 weeks is more diverse:

Breakfast - egg-curd casserole;
Lunch - apple-vegetable salad with lemon juice;
Dinner - okroshka or cold soup-puree, boiled chicken;
Mid-morning snack - cottage cheese and vegetable salad;
Dinner - cabbage salad with apple and yogurt, boiled chicken.
To diversify the diet, you can additionally use your own or the methods suggested by the author recipes.


From the foods allowed by the diet, you can prepare a variety of dishes. Kim Protasov offers the following recipes:

Cut fresh tomatoes into slices, put grated cheese on top, mixed with greens, garlic and yoghurt.
Make a salad of brynza, eggs, tomatoes, bell pepper and other vegetables to your liking, add the onion in lemon juice.
Bake an apple in the microwave oven, stuff it with cottage cheese or sprinkle with cinnamon.
Grill the meat with spices.
Diet Kim Protasov allows you to fantasize and come up with a lot of interesting recipes, which makes the process of losing weight easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, you can use any number of permitted products (except meat, eggs and apples).

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