Starvation on the water

Fasting on water for 21 days is the most difficult, but the most effective way to harmony. However, because of excessive stiffness, this method of weight loss is suitable only for absolutely healthy people and requires a mandatory preliminary examination with a doctor.

Essence and rules

To start a 3-week fasting is recommended not immediately. Before such a diet, you first need to try to withstand hunger for 1 day, to see the reaction of the body and determine its willpower. Then in a week you can arrange a 3-day unloading on one water. If this test is successful, then the duration of fasting should be increased to 1 week. If you get positive results, you can safely go to the 21st day of the hunger strike.

In general, the preparation for starvation should begin 1.5-2 months before the diet itself. In addition, it is also necessary to enter the hunger regime - even before a short 1-day unloading, it is necessary to switch to vegetarian food, refuse dinner, and put an enema in the evening. Before a long 3-week hunger, this training should take at least 5-7 days.

Sample menu

It is understandable that with such a diet, there is no menu. But you must follow some rules of nutrition:

Refuse alcohol, smoking, coffee - only pure water.
To maintain strength in water, you can add a little honey or lemon juice.
It is necessary to minimize physical and mental stress, as well as closely monitor the health status. With a significant deterioration in the state of health, you must immediately, but smoothly get out of hunger.

It should be borne in mind that with prolonged starvation, intensive purification of the body begins, accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the mouth and from the body. Dizziness, nausea, weakness, depression are also possible - these are normal phenomena and are caused by the restructuring of all organs and systems to a new mode of functioning.

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