American diet

The problem with obesity in Americans is quite acute. But they too love themselves to torture hard diets. Therefore, all of their "national" weight loss methods are quite satisfying, they are transferred without a strong sense of hunger and give excellent results, however, in not very short terms. The classic American diet is designed for at least 21 days and a loss of 8-10 extra pounds.

In addition, many Hollywood stars, recognized throughout the world as the standard of female beauty, maintain their form with the help of this food system. It is worth noting that it was created by physicians, so it does not harm the health.

Essence and rules

Weight loss in the American way is based on the alternation of the protein and carbohydrate menu with pre-discharge according to the following scheme:

Days 1, 2 - unloading;
Days are odd (3, 5 ... 21) - protein;
Days are even (4, 6 ... 20) - carbohydrate.
Weight loss is based on the main principles of a healthy balanced diet, including:

Enough saturation of the body with vitamins, minerals, all nutrients.
Refusal of a late dinner (after 17:00).
Receipt of the necessary amount of a useful liquid.
Exclusion from the diet of harmful fats, fast carbohydrates, other unhealthy foods.
As a result, for 3 weeks you can get rid of an average of 10 kg and significantly improve your health.

Sample menu

The diet of the classic American diet for 21 days consists of three menu options - unloading (preparatory), protein and carbohydrate. All of them alternate according to the above scheme and are compiled on the basis of the following examples.

Unloading menu - for the whole day 2 rye toasts and 1 l of freshly prepared fresh from tomatoes or skim milk are allocated.

Protein menu:

In the morning - 50 g of dietary bread, coffee with honey;
In the afternoon - a portion (250 ml) of broth (meat or fish), 200 g of omelet, 150 g of meat (fish), 1 rye toast;
Snack - warm milk with honey;
In the evening - 50 g of low-fat cheese, 1 toast, 250 ml of lactic acid drink.
Carbohydrate menu:

In the morning - 2 apples;
In the afternoon - vegetarian soup, 100 g of meat, 200 g of vegetable mix, 1 rye toast;
Snack - 400 g of raw fruit (not very sweet);
In the evening - 200 g vegetable mix, 1 toast, 1 tsp. Honey.
The days alternate in such a way that the first (after unloading) and the last day of the course was protein.

In addition to the classical version, there is another type of American diet, which is most popular with Hollywood stars. In this case, you must strictly adhere to the recommended menu for a week, repeating it 3 times in a row.

Breakfast - the same for each of the 21 days: coffee with milk and 1 tsp. Sugar, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 toast, 1 apple.

Dinner by day should be as follows:

60 grams of cottage cheese with the addition of 1 raw protein, 200 ml of 0% milk, 50 grams of bread, 5-6 radishes, 1 apple;
150 g of chicken, 200 g of chopped cabbage, 1 toast, tea;
50 g of boiled pork without fat, 100 g of vegetables, 25 g rye crackers, 80 grams of fried eggs, 200 ml of lactic acid drink;
100 g of fish fillet, greens, 1 toast, tea;
150 g fish fillet, 200 g celery seasoned with lemon juice;
200 g chicken with lettuce, 100 grams steamed raw rice, 100 ml 0% milk, 1 apple;
100 grams of liver, 250 grams of spinach greens, 100 g of potatoes "in uniforms," ​​coffee.
Dinners for each day are also different:

150 grams of scrambled eggs, green vegetables with tomatoes, 1 apple;
100 grams of cottage cheese with greens, several radishes, 100 ml of 0% milk, 1 rye crumb, 1 apple;
200 g of omelet, 2 tomatoes, 1 rye toast, 1 apple, 250 ml of lactic acid drink;
150 grams of meat with grated horseradish, greens, 1 apple, 200 ml 0% milk;
100 g boiled meat, 1 boiled yolk, 1 apple, 200 m fat-free yogurt;
150 grams of fried eggs, 2 tomatoes, 1 toast, 1 apple, 250 ml of lactic acid drink;
100 g of boiled pork without fat, 100 g of cabbage with carrots, 1 egg, 1 tomato, 1 rye toast, 1 apple.
Change places meals or whole days can not. The specified menu is repeated for 3 weeks. Such a diet is tolerated quite easily, but due to its balance and limited caloric content, it helps to lose weight with health benefits. To improve the tone of the skin and muscles, weight loss should be combined with fitness.

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