The "3 Fist" Diet

The "3 fist" diet is a weight loss program developed by the therapist Oleg Tern, who offers to get rid of extra pounds without hunger, calorie counting and other difficulties related to diet restriction. It is enough to eat portions of 3 fists, combining proteins and vegetable food.

Essence and rules

The effectiveness of this system of weight normalization is caused by the alternation of three rations:

Also in the diet there is an option for weight gain, which is less in demand than those aimed at its reduction and maintenance.

Each of the diets includes the following product groups:

Proteins - seafood, rabbit meat, red and soy meat, chicken and beef offals, skim milk products, tofu or feta cheeses;
Complex carbohydrates - buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal, legumes, whole-grain bread;
Vegetables - tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, beets, aubergines, radish, mushrooms, greens;
Fruit - apples, pears, kiwi, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, apricots, all berries (except grapes);
Nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils.
From all other products should be discarded, including fried, fatty, sweet, flour dishes.

When creating a menu, you must follow several principles:

Meat is consumed 2 times a week.
All cook "healthy" ways - cooking, steaming, baking.
Salads fill with vegetable oils or fat-free natural yoghurt.
Limit the amount of salt.
The basis of the "3 fist" diet is proper nutrition along with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you need not only to go to the recommended menu, but also to abandon bad habits, play sports, provide a full rest and optimistic about life.

Sample menu

This technique assumes a 5-time intake of food in small portions. To ensure that the rate of weight loss does not decrease due to the adaptation of the organism to the new regime, so-called zigzags of caloric content are used, that is, a change of strict and sparing days:

Zigzag minus - 4 days a week, of which 3 - on a low-calorie menu, 1 - on the unloading.
Zigzag Plus - 3 days a week on the supporting menu, one of which you can allow something forbidden, for example, a cake, shish kebab, beer or other favorite dish (but only one).
Thus, the menu for the week should be as follows.

Stage zigzag-minus - includes unloading and low-calorie days:

Days 1, 8, and 15 are unloading:

7:00 - 80 grams of scrambled eggs, 2 handfuls of shredded cabbage with lemon juice and yogurt;
10:00 - 150 ml of lactic acid drink, 2 fruits (orange, apple);
13:00 - a piece (with 1 fist) of baked fish, 2 handfuls of ragout from courgettes;
15:00 - cottage cheese, berries (1 "kulak"), half of citrus (grapefruit);
18:00 - fish, half a grapefruit, an apple.
Days 2, 9, 16-th - low-calorie:

7:00 - 200 g omelets, 2 servings of vegetables;
10:00 - 3 servings of fruits and berries;
13:00 - a piece of fish, 2 servings of vegetables;
15:00 - 3 fruits;
18:00 - a piece of brynza or soy meat, 2 servings of cabbage stew.
Days 3, 10, 17 - low-calorie:

7:00 - a piece of chicken, 2 handfuls of vegetables;
10:00 - 3 handfuls of fruits and berries;
13:00 - 2 handfuls of vegetables, a piece of fish;
15:00 - 3 fruits;
18:00 - 2 vegetables, a piece of chicken.
Days 4, 11, 18-th - low-calorie:

7:00 - cottage cheese, 2 fruits;
10:00 - 3 fruits;
13:00 - 2 handfuls of vegetables, a piece of fish;
15:00 - 3 handfuls of berries and fruits;
18:00 - a piece of fish, 2 handfuls of vegetable salad.
Stage zigzag-plus - consists of supporting rations, including one with relaxation (any dainty is allowed):

Days 5, 12, 19-th - supporting:

7:00 - chicken, beans, vegetables (1 kulak each);
10:00 - 3 fruits;
13:00 - chicken, cereals, mushrooms (1 kulak each);
15:00 - 3 fruits;
18:00 - a piece of fish, 2 handfuls of vegetables.
Days 6, 13, 20 - supporting (with a delicacy to choose from):

7:00 - 2 eggs, vegetables and grains for 1 "fist";
10:00 - 3 handfuls of berries;
13:00 - 1 "fist" of meat, vegetables, cereals;
15:00 - 3 fruits;
18:00 - 1 "fist" of vegetables and fish, delicacy.
Days 7, 14, 21 st - supporting:

7:00 - chicken, cereals, vegetables for 1 "fist";
10:00 - 3 fruits;
13:00 - meat, grain, mushrooms for 1 "kulak";
15:00 - 3 fruits;
18:00 - a piece of fish, 2 handfuls of vegetables.
Eating on this menu, for 3 weeks you can throw off 6 kg of excess weight, absolutely not starving and not creating stress for the body and psyche. The body weight will systematically come to an ideal index in accordance with the individual physique. To adhere to such a system of nutrition can be throughout life, making a menu of your own taste from the recommended products.

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