Menu of the steam diet

The proposed menu for the week is indicative. It can be made independently, using your own recipes, but considering the requirements of a couple's diet, concerning the separate use of proteins and carbohydrates. Dishes in which protein and carbohydrate products are combined (for example, stuffed with pepper meat), it is desirable not to cook often. Do not forget also about the ways of cooking: it's cooking, quenching or baking.

Breakfast (optional):

Oatmeal on the water, tea.
Steam omelette, a chicory drink.
Rice milk porridge.
Pumpkin porridge with millet, mint tea.
Steam cheese cakes, diluted with water, fruit juice.
2 soft-boiled eggs, herbal tea.
Apple charlotte, green tea.

Cheese with a slice of rye bread.
Cottage cheese soufflé.
Fruits or berries.
Rye bun, milk jelly.
Fruit salad.
Cottage cheese with 10% sour cream.
Kefir with oatmeal cookies.

Soup with mashed potatoes, goulash.
Soup with broccoli, pilaf with chicken.
Rice soup with fish fillet, salad with fresh vegetables.
Soup-harcho, cooked without sharp spices, vegetable stew.
Potato soup, Bulgarian pepper stuffed with meat and rice.
Cabbage soup, stewed beef with sweet and sour sauce.
Vegetable soup puree, fish cutlet.

Cottage cheese casserole.
Baked apples.
Gallet biscuits, smoothies from berries.
Drinking yoghurt, cheese with raisins.
Bread with compote from fruit.
Sponge cake, milk.

Salad from boiled beets, fish, baked in foil, kissel from berries.
Souffle from chicken breast with herbs and nutmeg, tomato juice.
Home liver pate, tea.
Sausage with vegetable puree, citrus juice, half-diluted with water.
Boiled fish, steamed vegetables.
Steam cutlet, mashed potatoes in milk, barley drink.
Boiled chicken with a salad of fresh vegetables.

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