01/02/2011 Tax refund and tax-free in the Hainan Island: a list of stores in Sanya and Haikou


We are the first in Russian and English, reported on December 27,2010 about  the introduction in the Hainan Island to January 1, 2011 the new tax policy, providing for a tax refund for foreign tourists when buying their goods in the province of Hainan.

Consequently, the actual cost of goods for foreign tourists will be 11% lower, than for citizens of the PRC.

The first tourists, who were participants in this program of tax refund, were tourists from Russia, who on January1, 2011 bought goods in specialized store, intended for the tax refund.

Yesterday was approved and a list of such shops in the  Haikou and Sanya. We're still in November 2010 turned to organizations, that  can will engage in trade  of tax refund program in the Hainan Island, and we asked to provide us any information in Chinese or any other language about this stores, where goods will be sold under this program that we can translated  free this information into Russian and English and posted it on the Internet for foreign tourists, they were promised to answer, but a 1,5 months so no one thought it necessary to say anything, so we think they are not offended, if we place at least the addresses of these shops for foreign tourists, as well as other media in English and Russian languages in general nothing about it said, and the program was launched yesterday, 1 January 2010 and wait on it makes no sense, because the tourists are interested-in where they can buy goods in the Hainan Island and get a tax refund, so we write the address of stores (you must to showing these addresses to taxi drivers):

While we have found the information only for the three stores involved in this program, as claimed by the Chinese themselves - this is still the only stores participating in this program of tax refunds.

We can put a lot of free information about these shops, and about the products, if administration of these shops send to us this information, or at least formally give to us permission to do so, as promised 1,5 months ago.

Note, that placing any information about the new tax policy and tax rebate refund in Chinese language, as is currently done in Hainan- has no meaning, since this program is designed exclusively for foreigners and Chinese citizens have no right to participate in it under any circumstances .

If someone, from the responsible persons, deemed unnecessary placement of such information about the shops that provide a tax refund for foreign tourists, let them write to us, we will immediately  remove from our website all the information about the tax refund in Russian and English languages and will advise  all foreign tourists  to learn the Chinese language, if they choose to buy cheaper products in the Hainan Island.

We remind (see our website news from 12/27/2010), that this tax policy applies to goods such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, electrical appliances, stationery, medical supplies, sporting goods, etc., A total of 21 categories and 324 types of goods.
To obtain a refund of tax when purchasing you will need to observe the following conditions and procedures:
1. You may refund of tax, if you are not a citizen of the China, you  visit China as a tourist,  and you must have lived in China not more, than 183 days of the date of purchase;
2. Tax refund is only valid for products, purchased in stores, listed on the tax refund agreement. Entitled to a tax refund does not apply to goods bought in other stores.
3. The purchase price shall be not less, than 800 yuan (RMB), in accordance with the tax bill for a tax refund.
4. Goods must be purchased for personal use only, within the amount not used for commercial purposes.
5. Tax refund does not apply to food, alcohol and tobacco products.
6. The goods must be exported, when you exit from China.
7.When you will  buy in the stores, ask them to give you an original tax invoice and the form of tax refund. Make sure, that all the details, including description, quantity, price, and your personal information, filled in completely and correctly.
8.In the airport look for a special point, designed to monitor and process of tax returns, which is located in the Duty-Free hall.
9. Give your products, the original tax bills and tax refund forms for inspection.
10.When you get a stamp on the forms,  you can continue the registration process.
11. Tax refund can be made at your discretion, in the form of cash payments or bank transfers.

We're on their own resulted in all of these rules, and do not waiting for official notification,because, in our opinion, unless extended more information about the program of tax refund in both English and Russian languages, then automatically it will lead to the fact, that foreign tourists will be forced to always use the help of local guides, since 99,9% of foreign tourists do not know the Chinese language, and local guides, as we expect, will not work for free, respectively, discounted at 11% due to tax refunds on this program will offset by a charge of local guides, so tourists do not actually receive any discounts, they will only receive the goods at an inflated price (the price of services guide). This can manifest itself in the direct cost of services include a guide to the price of goods in these stores, if these shops will negotiate with the guides about this, and in imposing guides tours and visits to other stores, if a tourist would choose shopping, where there is a tax refund,etc.

In our view, it is necessary to use the experience of Hong Kong and other worldwide resorts, which proved: such a system can work only when the the tourists themselves will buy goods, that  foreign tourists should have information in understandable language (English or Russian), foreign tourists must not pay for any service help, tourists should themselves will find these shops and tourists should themselves will buy goods.

But, if in the Hainan Island will listen even to the experience of Hong Kong, then price of goods in the Hainan Island will be the cheapest in China, due to a refund of taxes to tourists! And in 2011 millions of tourists will come in the Hainan Island simply for a shopping, as they ride each year in Hong Kong!

If, however, will continue to apply the old scheme of using the guides, then the whole scheme of tax refund will lose any financial sense, and tourists will not come to buy goods in the Hainan Island, as the prices of these goods will be higher, than in other cities in China and Hong Kong.

It is therefore necessary to place as much information about the system of tax refund in foreign languages, arrange special bus services from the hotels and the airport, etc.

That is quite able to lure millions of tourists from Hong Kong to Hainan Island and will be worth it for the owners of these shops- nothing, just let them send us information about the last of its stores at least in the Chinese language! We will translate into English and Russian  their advertisements  free for them, and they will  start counting of profits, but now,  tourists are not enough even for the return of all their expenses.
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