Green Lentil Diet

It is very important when choosing a program for weight loss to choose one that will lose weight and thus do no harm to health. Today there are several similar ones, one of them is the lentil. This croup is especially useful to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, because it contains folic acid, as well as manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, copper and vitamin B6. The disadvantage of many express methods is that first of all the water goes away and the muscles become flabby, the tightness disappears. In lentils, the protein content is high, which means that muscle mass when burning fat will not disappear.

Due to the low glycemic index, those who lose weight on lentils are not prone to severe attacks of hunger and mood swings.

There are 2 varieties of lentil system.


The program regulates the replacement of day or evening meals with a dish made from lentils. It can be soup, porridge or simply boiled croup. In the rest of the time, eat whatever you want. To maximize the result of a green diet on lentils, we advise you not to abuse harmful food, namely: fast food, fried, salted, floury, as well as confectionery and fizzy / sweet drinks. The system is not limited in time, but, as a rule, with a small amount of excess weight, the desired goal is achieved after 1-3 months.


Otherwise, this diet is called mono, because the only thing you are allowed to eat is lentils. Arrange 4 meals a meal, while the amount of cereals is not limited, but still recommend not to overeat. The maximum duration of the system is a week, for which it is possible to become lighter by 3-4 kg.

How to cook cereals

Rinse prepared portions of lentils and pour cold water for 8 hours. After drain the water and add a clean one in the ratio 1: 2. Put on a slow fire and cook for about half an hour, without covering the lid.

On drinks

Drinking diets are quite popular, but keep in mind that they can often not be practiced. The fact is that a long program is fraught with problems not only with systems of organs, but also with a jaw apparatus - he gets used to liquid food and refuses to chew hard food in the future. Nevertheless, several safe complexes are known, in which the main function for the normalization of weight is performed by drinks, it is with them that we hasten to acquaint you.

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