Green Bean Diet

String beans, unlike the usual ones, the use of which is fraught with the appearance of problems with the kidneys, is well digested and has a favorable effect on the work of the digestive tract. Combining low calorie content (only 23 kcal / 100 g) and a large content of useful vitamins, minerals and fiber, beans are an excellent ingredient in dietary nutrition. From it you can cook a lot of dishes, so a diet on green beans will easily lose a few pounds.

For 3 days

Many people switch to such food after the holidays, when you want to relieve the body a little. It will put an excellent start and any long-term diet.


First day


Omelet from a pair of proteins with boiled beans (200 g) in olive oil.

Prunes - 6 pcs. (It is desirable to soak overnight in water);

Boiled meat - 100 g;
Salad of beans, tomatoes and greens.

Grenny smith.

Sprinkled with lemon juice, salad from steamed beans (200 g), Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes and basil.


Yogurt with beans and dill.

Dried apricots - 6 pcs .;

Vegetable soup with beans;
Toasts of whole grain bread - 2 pcs.


Assorted steamed beans with greens and olive oil.
The third

In the morning, boil 1.5 kg of beans, season with olive oil and lemon juice, add greens to taste. Divide into 5 meals. Do not forget about the water.

For a week

This diet is considered one of those small portions of balanced diets that give good results.

Sample menu for the day

8:00: boiled beans (200 g) with a tablespoon of olive oil.

11:00: any fruit or berries (200 g).

14:00: vegetable soup with beans.

17:00: yogurt (250 ml).

20:00: boiled beans and salad of your favorite vegetables.

Beginning on the fourth day, add whole cereal porridge or a couple of toasts of whole wheat flour to breakfast, and steam / boiled meat / fish (200 g) or tofu (150 g) to the lunch menu. Drink plenty of water, but from coffee, carbonated and sweet drinks refuse.

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