Green Diet on Avocado

Regular consumption of avocados prevents the occurrence of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system, promotes vision improvement, but most importantly - it effectively fights with hated kilograms. It is known a diet of avocado with chicken, which allows for 3 days to become lighter by 3 kg. However, please note that you should not practice such food more often than once a quarter, because it is quite tough and can be harmful in case of abuse.

Example menu


Avocado - 1/2 pcs .;
Curd of minimum fat content - 100 g;
Tea or coffee with honey.

Crushed boiled egg in the blender, cucumber, greens and half of the avocado.

As the first reception, only without sweet.
Before bedtime:

Boiled chicken breast (90 g), poured with lemon juice.
To consolidate the result, after a three-day marathon, you must follow the principles of the PP and not lean on food. The way out of the procedure lasts 2 weeks, if you wish, you can stretch it for several months, then you will be able not only to fix it, but also to improve it.

The diet of the second stage is as follows:


Avocado - 1/2 pcs .;
Any fruit;
Cottage cheese / yogurt - 100 g.

A sandwich of whole wheat bread and avocado paste.

Grilled chicken - 200 g;
Vegetable Salad.

Like breakfast.

Low fat yogurt - 200 g;
In the third stage you can pamper yourself once a week with a glass of red wine, grapes, banana or dessert.

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