Green diet on a radish

Many people know that the green radish is extremely useful for health. Root fruit positively influences the human immunity, promotes the proper functioning of the cardiac muscle, gives strength, normalizes metabolism, stimulates the digestive system, and this list can be continued. It is advisable to eat radish in fresh form, but because of its bitter taste, many prefer stewed vegetables. A special diet, where this root crop plays the main role, does not yet exist, since it is not worthwhile to abuse the radish. Nevertheless, there is a way of losing weight, which will be effective in the war with kilograms.

Daily for 10 days before lunch and dinner, eat a teaspoon of an amazing mixture, which will require the creation of:

Radish - 0.5 pcs .;
Lemon - 1 piece;
Honey - 2 teaspoons;
Ginger root - 30 g.
Cooking method:

In the blender we crush the radish.
Next, grind the same way lemon.
In the same way, we are done with ginger.
Mix the ingredients. We add honey. Stirred. The fat-burning cocktail is ready. Keep it recommended in the refrigerator.

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