Green Diet on Cucumbers

Cucumbers are especially popular with those who lose weight. Their energy value is only 14 kcal / 100 g. Many stars, including Alla Pugacheva, and Ksenia Borodina, use a cucumber diet to preserve their form. There are several varieties of such a program, so anyone can choose one that will suit him 100%. Regardless of which one you prefer to maximize its effect, observe the following rules:

Buy ground cucumbers, not greenhouses.
Give up salt.
Salads season with lemon juice, low-fat kefir or low-fat sour cream.
Combine the reception of cucumbers with other greens.
Drink plenty of water.
For 3 days

Cucumber express-method lasts 3 days, for which it takes up to 2-3 kg.

Breakfast, lunch and supper will have a salad prepared from fresh chopped cucumbers, parsley, dill and dressed yogurt / sour cream. If they start bothering with hunger attacks, we recommend eating a piece of rye or grain bread during each meal.

For 5 days

The diet suggested above is rather meager, but it gives an amazing result, so many people decide to extend it for another couple of days. We do not recommend this, because such an experiment is fraught with protein starvation. If, for the sake of losing weight, you are ready to limit yourself to eating for 5 days, try this menu:

8:00 and 13:00: soft-boiled egg, 300-350 g of cucumbers.

10:30, 15:30 and 18:00: cucumbers or a salad of them (300-350 g).

For 7 days

The maximum plumb line (up to minus 5 kg) is provided by a weekly cucumber system. It is rather difficult to call a balanced diet, therefore multivitamin complexes are recommended.

The essence of this green diet is that the day must begin with a glass of warm water. For breakfast, eat protein foods (eggs, meat, cottage cheese) or porridge, its calorie content should not exceed 200 kcal. After, during the day, use a kilogram of fresh cucumbers, dividing the portion into 3 equal parts, with a slice of rye bread. In addition, tea, coffee and water are allowed. Before going to bed, you can eat an apple or kiwi.

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