Yesterday it was reported that from December 9 to December 10, 2010 in Sanya will held the International Conference about the future of computer technology in tourism. At this conference are invited leading experts in computer science from China, Australia, Sweden, Poland, South Korea and Brunei. It is reported that the conference will address the following questions:
1) the state of information technology in the tourist area of Hainan Province and the major problems of development;
2) What are the main areas of information technology in the tourist area of Hainan Province, more than just the interests of the region, where and what is most effective to invest;
3) how to improve the image and increase the attractiveness of Hainan Province for the tourists with the help of information technology.

Despite the fact that our site is currently the only one site in the Internet, which is in Russian and English languages is developing an attractive image for the Hainan Island, publishing daily news, showing the advantages of Hainan Island to all other resorts in the world, we have not received an invitation to participate in this conference, although we have specific plans for the use of computer technology in the  tourism in the Hainan Island, so we would like to wish all participants of this conference is not limited to words, and finally take concrete steps to form. friendly tourist image of Hainan Province.

In our view, tourism is one of the largest, most profitable and dynamic sectors of world economy and the successful development of tourism in Hainan Province will have an impact on such key sectors as transportation and communication, trade, construction, agriculture, consumer goods, etc.  Spontaneous market of tourist services in the Hainan Island, in generally, in the absence of co-ordinating the beginning, is in crisis, and many facilities in the Hainan Island, in spite of the huge recreational potential of the Hainan Island, has not yet been included in the permanent international tourist chain. At this point, Hainan Island is not among the world's leading resorts, despite the enormous building on the Hainan Island tourism facilities, hotels, tour facilities and seating areas that have no analogues in the modern world. One reason for this contradiction lies in the absence of credible and reliable information on the status of the tourism market in Hainan Province and familiar to the Western customer service, based on all the possibilities offered by modern means of communication. Features of the implementation of the tourism product in Hainan do not allow us to speak about the full market without adequate information support, as many people in the world simply do not have enough relevant information about the island of Hainan, and you can not find more on the web site, except ours, which would regularly Russian and English, reported on the favorable aspects of tourism development in Hainan Island, at the moment is clearly underestimated the role of information technology in the development of tourism in the Hainan Island.

In generally, analyzing the role and importance of information technology for the modern stage of tourism development in Hainan Island, you can make well-founded conclusions about what that role is strategically important, and the value of these technologies in the near future will grow rapidly. The arguments for these conclusions is the number of unique features of information technology (efficiency, availability) and are nominated by their priority in relation to industrial and social technologies.

information technology can enhance and effectively use information resources in Hainan Province, which today are the most important strategic factor for the development of tourism. Experience shows that the activation, dissemination and effective use of information resources (knowledge, inventions, technologies, best practices) provide significant cost of other types of resources: materials, equipment, human resources, social time.

Note also one of the most important features of the use of information in information technology in the tourism sector is the "eligibility of information" as to create the image of Hainan Island is not suitable any information, but only that, which creates the positive image of the world resort in  Hainan Island. The most illustrative example of misuse of "eligibility of information" - this is the situation in early October 2010, when a number of counties in Hainan Province, flooding occurred, with the Internet on many news sites were laid false reports about the sinking of the Sanya City, while floods in the Sanya City has not been, flooding was in the 100-150 km away from Sanya City. Our site is first denounced all the rumors about the sinking of the Sanya City, but our site has appeared recently, many believed the major news sites. This activity news websites to spread news about the flood struck the image of an international resort in the Hainan Island damages no less, than the actual flood, because the consequences of rain in the Sanya City has already disappeared one day after the rains, and many tourists have canceled their tours to the Hainan Island and tourists still afraid to come to rest in the Hainan Island, since many news sites and on television have written about the flood, which led to a reduction in the number of tourists in the Hainan Island.

Also, the main problem for the development of international tourism on the island of Hainan is that very often the foreign tourists face repeatedly inflated prices for them, compared to Chinese tourists, which adversely affects the image of Hainan Island, many foreign tourists prefer to choose other resorts worldwide, where there is no overcharging. Therefore, the widespread introduction of information technologies will allow foreign tourists to get rid of annoying the representatives of tourist companies and directly book travel services they need from the supplier of these services. For example, all users of our site may take a few minutes, sitting at the computer, book a room at any of the hotels in Hainan Island, while our prices are 1,5-2 times lower than that offered by most of these hotels on their own sites and we would like to be in the same way, via the Internet, you can book any travel services in the Hainan Island at the lowest prices. The problem is not that we can not do it, we could do it pretty fast, creating  global network of tourism in Hainan, where anyone can order any travel services through the Internet within minutes, the problem is that none of the Entrepreneurs in Hainan do not want to participate in it, they want to work the old ways, overstating the prices and scraping the few foreign tourists, although mathematically advantageous to get a bit of profit from every tourist with a large number of tourists than to get a lot of profit with a small number of tourists, but apply in Hainan ways to work with tourists led to the fact that the number of foreign tourists to Hainan in recent years has decreased dramatically. Need to change methods of work, otherwise the foreign tourists will disappear altogether.

Need to get rid of foreign tourists from excessive prices for many travel services in the Hainan Island, and can only do so widespread introduction of information technology to tourists, sitting at the computer itself chooses the necessary advance of travel services on Hainan Island at the lowest prices.

Sooner or later the question arises: Who will live in hundreds of five-star hotels being built and who will use the objects of tourist infrastructure of the island of Hainan, which spent billions of dollars? Where returns with those billions? Time when this issue will take shape, is not far off, as most hotels on the island of Hainan is now half-empty, but you know in the coming years there will be many new hotels. We believe that there will be no other way how to conduct the broadest and large-scale restructuring of all methods of working with tourists to make a profit with investments in Hainan billion.

If there is a unified computer-travel network of the Hainan Island, it will not only attract millions of new tourists to the Hainan Island, but also help the state  increase tax collection from the tourism industry in Hainan Island, as any travel transaction will be visible through the unified computer-travel network of Hainan Island, so in Hainan Island could be a world first realized the idea of global control of all business processes, it will help to drastically reduce prices on travel services and will give the Hainan Island is compelling competitive advantages compared with other worldwide resorts.

Thus, for the development of international tourism in theHainan Island need the strategic co-ordination, planning and strict control on all sides of tourism of  Hainan Island, and the role of information technology in this process is fundamental.

In the Hainan Island is now created material tourist infrastructure, which has no analogues in the world and we do not know what questions will be discussed at a conference in Sanya, from December 9 to  December 10, 2010 and whether some benefit from the discussions at this conference, but we believe - in the Hainan Island will create new methods, based on the latest computer technology with the best tourist infrastructure in the world, which is now under construction at Hainan Island, and about which we have daily report on our site.

We are confident, that Hainan Island will the best resort in the world!




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