Green diet on the Bulgarian pepper

A sweet pepper will help in the process of losing weight. At the same time, you can simply add paprika daily to the dishes or choose a diet on Bulgarian pepper. Vegetable is the record holder for the content of vitamin C (it is ahead of citrus and black currant), it contains vitamins A, P, B, alkaloid capsaicin, and also: potassium and sodium salts, zinc and iodine. The use of pepper prevents the formation of blood clots, helps to combat insomnia and stress. Due to the fact that it speeds up the metabolism and raises the body temperature, the pepper becomes an excellent assistant in the fight against excess weight.

Traditional diet on Bulgarian pepper lasts 2 weeks. During this period, it takes 5-8 kg. To the last kilo not returned in the near future, try after the marathon to switch to the usual diet gradually.

The most useful substances are found in red pepper, but suitable for weight loss and green.


The first day: a kilogram of fresh vegetables, most of which should consist of pepper.

The second: no more than one kilogram of any fruit (except bananas and grapes) and pepper.

The third and fourth: hard boiled egg, 300 g of fruit and the same amount of pepper.

Fifth, sixth and seventh: 200 grams of boiled low-fat meat and fat-free cottage cheese, 2 cups of kefir / yogurt, Bulgarian pepper.

In the second week of the green diet, nutrition is similar to the first.

If desired, you can prepare a salad from pepper, mixing it with onions and carrots. Some even cook at all from fresh pepper, at the same time it must be reported that the maximum of useful substances is near the peduncle, in the seeds and in its white flesh. But the heat treatment kills up to 70% of all the macro and micronutrients, vitamins contained in pepper.

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