Fish diet

The optimal amount of proteins, the presence of useful polyunsaturated fats and low caloric content - all these characteristics make the fish diet not only effective, but also extremely useful. Due to the sufficient presence of calcium and phosphorus in fish, one can not worry about the deterioration of the hair condition, which is often accompanied by weight loss.

The duration of the fish course varies from 3 days to a month, but the most popular is a ten-day course, for which 5-6 kg of excess sediment from the fat depot leaves.

During the course of the diet for weight loss of 6 kg is to use the following varieties of fish:

Blue whiting;
All these varieties are preferred because they are classified as low-fat or lean. It is this fish that is rightly considered dietary and never leads to fatness.

Not every method of cooking is equally good when the goals of weight reduction are pursued. So, fried fish should not appear on the table, like any fried dishes. It is better to boil, bake, steamed, put out, cooked in a microwave oven or on a grill - in such a dish the benefits will be incomparably greater, and the harm to the figure is less. It is also important to remember that salt makes you keep excess moisture in the body, and this slows the approach to the ideal proportions, so its consumption should be reduced, or it is better to completely stop the salting. Instead of salt, you can use lemon juice or cranberry juice.

Example of a daily menu:

Morning: 250 ml of yogurt or drinking yogurt, 2 chicken eggs.
After 15 minutes: fruit to choose - ½ grapefruit, 1 orange, pomegranate or 2 kiwi.
Half an hour later: unsweetened green tea.
Lunch: half a cup of water at room temperature and 150 grams of fish.
After 15 minutes: 50 grams of fish and green leafy vegetables with lemon juice dressing.
Day: 250 grams of fish fillets and a glass of water. After that, do not drink any liquid for 2 hours, including water.
Afternoon snack: skim curd or 200 ml of yogurt.
Evening: 250 grams of fish (can be replaced with seafood) and vegetable salad seasoned with lemon and yogurt juice sauce.
Important nuance: before each main meal for 2 hours should drink 2 cups of purified water.

Products that need to be deleted from your diet:

Any varieties of cabbage;
Radish and radish;
The fish course allows you to drink 100 ml of dry red wine a day, which in combination with fish serves as an excellent method to get gastronomic pleasure.

Once again, you can apply the fish diet after 1.5 months.

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