Banana Diet

This rapid diet for weight loss of 6 kg is calculated only for 3 days. Perhaps it is hard to endure, but the transformation that it brings will make you wonder.

For the whole period 2.5 kg of fresh bananas are needed to provide the necessary ration (the weight is indicated with skin). Bananas do not necessarily have to be ripe, greenish ones will do no less, and even more, because they do not have such a high content of starch.

In the first day will need to consume 2-3 bananas, divided into 5 equal portions. Between the main meals, gaps can be filled with 1 liter of milk with 0.5% fat. Find this fat content can not immediately, but in large hypermarkets the right percentage will be found. This issue must be solved in advance, check out the shops of your city and decide on the availability of this product, as the replacement for a higher fat content drastically changes the course of the case.

The second and third days are to eat the remaining bananas in equal portions 5-6 times a day. It is very important to drink at least 2 liters of clean drinking water (can be bottled). A non-strong tea - green or herbal - is also suitable. The main thing is not to add honey or sugar.

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