Anti-Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that functions as a building material for all living cells. It is synthesized by the liver, but natural production is often not enough to meet the needs of the body, so a person is forced to eat food, which includes this compound. These are products such as meat, butter, some varieties of fish, dairy products. At certain failures in the work of internal systems, people, on the contrary, have to reduce their consumption and adhere to a diet for lowering cholesterol.

Currently, doctors often diagnose excess cholesterol, rather than its lack. This condition leads to the emergence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and gangrene. The main reason for increasing cholesterol in the blood is eating foods with a high content of saturated fats. Therefore, the main rule of the patient, reducing the level of the substance in the blood, is the restriction or rejection of certain types of food.

In fact, the diet contains the basic principles of proper healthy eating, which must adhere to every person. However, patients need to use additional measures to reduce cholesterol. These include taking medications, completely giving up bad habits and regularly practicing sports. In this case, doctors strongly recommend that patients eat according to the table of the anti-cholesterol diet.

According to those who try to lower cholesterol, the diet is quite effective. However, doctors believe that the correct diet adjusts the production of this lipid by only 20%, the remaining 80% provide medication, rejection of bad habits and an active lifestyle.

Controlling cholesterol is important for both men and women. But due to the characteristics of the hormonal system, the representatives of the beautiful half need to adjust their diet a little to normalize the level of lipid production.
With age, metabolic processes become slower, so the foundations of a healthy diet should still be adhered to. To prevent the increase of cholesterol, it is important for women to follow such rules:

Eat "useful" fats: fish oil, linseed or pumpkin oil, nuts.
The lack of calcium, characteristic of many girls due to pregnancy and lactation, as well as negatively affecting the vessels, should be compensated by the use of yogurt, cottage cheese, yoghurt.
Blood is useful for iron, so girls need to eat more apples, lean meat, drink pomegranate juice.
Otherwise, the anti-cholesterol diet for women does not differ from the classical one. However, to adjust the diet, patients need to consult their therapist.

The right diet will help not only reduce the level of cholesterol, but also prevent it from increasing in the future.

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