World obesity statistics

Obesity (painful, excessive fullness) is a chronic disease that occurs due to a metabolic disorder in the body. The disease leads to excessive weight gain and

Thickness of fatty tissues. The problem of overcompleteness for mankind is very serious, since too much weight causes disruption of the functions of the circulatory, respiratory,

Urination, provokes pain in the back, waist, various hormonal disorders. As the statistics of obesity shows, from a problem of excess weight not only full

People, but also those who surround them.

The main cause of this ailment is an unbalanced and high-calorie diet, a sedentary lifestyle, a genetic predisposition to fullness. The main

The index by which the diagnosis is the value of the body mass index. The index (BMI in abbreviated form) is calculated as the ratio of body weight (kg) to growth in square (m):

BMI = Weight / (Height) 2.
With an index of 25 to 29.9, the body is overweight. At 30 and above - comes obesity.

Statistics of obesity points to a significant increase in the number of people (often called obese) suffering from this disease.

The global crisis of completeness
The official statistics of obesity in the world is about 1.9 billion people with excess weight. Of these, more than 640 million are overcomplete. According to WHO (World Organization

Health), the largest percentage of obesity is observed among citizens of the following states:

Trinidad and Tobago.
New Zealand.
In these countries, obesity statistics range from 27 to 33.5% of the country's population. Among countries where a relatively small number of people are diagnosed with obesity, world statistics


Japan - 3.7%.
Korea - 5.3%.
Italy - 9.8%.
The situation with overweight in the under-age population has become negative recently. As of 2016, more than 42 million children under the age of 15 had

Statistics of obesity in children by countries (including adolescents with obesity) of the total number of children under the age of 15:

The USA - 31%.
Canada - 24.5%.
Greece - 21.5%.
Iceland - 18.0%
Slovenia - 17.0%
Israel - 17.0%
Finland - 17.0%
China - 17.0%
Such a high percentage of childhood obesity, according to statistics, explains the low mobility of adolescents because of their enthusiasm for computer games, frequent snacks high-calorie fast food. AT

America in junior and middle school, the number of fat and obese children reaches 25%, and in China, every 6 boys and 11 girls are morbidly fatigued.

The problem of obese people has long been a very serious threat to the gene pool of future generations. With the diagnosis of obesity in the US, according to statistics, more than 68 million people live. Of these, 32 million men

And 36 million women. 65 million are overweight. Of these, 36 million men and 29 million women. This situation is related to the calorie-rich food consumed by Americans, the sedentary

Inactive work, genetic predisposition to fullness.
Every year, the number of Americans with overweight and morbid fatness increases by 1.1-2.0 million. By years, the most significant increase in the number of obese people was noted in 2010

Year. At this rate of growth in the number of people diagnosed with obesity in America, according to statistics, by 2030 there will be more than 80 million people. The largest number of fat and obese people

Observed in Mississippi, the smallest - in Colorado.

Obesity in Russia
Over recent years, the problem of overweight in Russians is on a par with many serious diseases. Official statistics on obesity in Russia already has 24.9% of the total

Of the country's population. The main reasons for the fact that the statistics of people suffering from obesity in the Russian Federation is beginning to noticeably progress is the lack of physical exertion, unbalanced

High-calorie food. The most problem areas are:

Kaluga - 33%.
Moscow - 30%.
Nizhny Novgorod - 28%.
Krasnodar Territory - 27%.
Altai Territory - 27%.
Obesity in Russia

Among the regions where the level of obese people below 20% is allocated:

The Republic of Udmurtia - 12%
Primorsky Territory - 17%.
Krasnoyarsk Territory - 17%.
The Orenburg region - 17%.
Kabardino-Balkaria - 19%.
Along with the increase in the number of obese people among the adult population, the statistics of obesity in children in Russia begins to grow. About 12% of children and adolescents are overweight, and 5% have

Suffer from painful fullness. The main reasons are incorrect and caloric nutrition, violation of the rest regime, artificial overfeeding by parents.

Because of the negative effect of excess weight on the cardiovascular system, the statistics of the incidence of atherosclerosis and obesity in Russia are related to each other. Growing number of fat people

Influenced the more frequent occurrence of both atherosclerosis and other diseases of the heart and other organs.

The situation with obesity in the CIS countries
In the post-Soviet space, the situation of obesity in adults and children is gradually becoming menacing. Statistics of obesity in different countries sometimes frightens. For example, in

Tajikistan marks a mark of 9.2%, while in Lithuania it is 23.7%. Judging by the countries, the unfavorable situation is also observed in Ukraine. The analysis of statistics of people with obesity shows,

20.1% of the country's population suffers from excessive completeness.

Of the countries of the Caucasian region, the largest number of obese people was registered in Kazakhstan. According to official data with a diagnosis of obesity in Kazakhstan, according to statistics, about 4.23 million people

Or 23.5% of the country's population. The ranking of the countries of the world with the highest levels of obesity is presented in the table:

The name of the state The level of obesity,% of the population
South Africa 33.5
Qatar 33.1
Mexico 32.8
Bahrain 32.6
USA 31.8
Syria 31.6
Libya 30.8
Venezuela 30.8
Trinidad and Tobago 30.0
Slovenia 27.0
New Zealand 27.0
According to WHO experts' forecasts, obesity statistics will grow rapidly in the future. In the near future, an increase in the number of inhabitants of the planet with an overweight of 2.4 billion is expected,

And with obesity syndrome - up to 800 million people.

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