The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published new data on the dynamics of obesity growth around the world

The other day, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published new data on the dynamics of obesity growth around the world. The OECD rating was expected to be headed by the United States. Almost 40% of the population of the United States now suffer from obesity, according to forecasts for 2030 - 47%. In second place is Mexico, the third - New Zealand. The most slender were the Japanese: this nation is familiar with obesity only by hearsay - it affected only 3.7% of the inhabitants. And this is understandable, because all the "evil" comes from Western culture with its fast food and sweet drinks, which in traditional Japanese cuisine can not be found. As for Russia, we are still in some middle position - about 20% of adult Russians are obese, that is, one in five. And in our country obesity is more like a woman's face. This is all according to OECD.

Social inequality has a strong impact on overweight and obesity, especially among women. According to statistics, poorly educated women are 2-3 times more inclined to fullness than women with a higher level of education.
Many countries already at the state level realized that obesity really poses a serious threat to health and even the lives of a significant number of citizens. And took a few key decisions. For example, in Belgium, Finland, Chile, France and Hungary increased prices for potentially harmful products. So they try to get people to eat right. Information campaigns are launched in the media and social networks: ordinary citizens explain in plain language what is good and what is bad.

In Russia there is no national strategy on obesity. Drowning - who will be typed, for a second, about 30 million people - will have to save themselves.

The concepts of "overweight" and "obesity" are often used as synonyms. And make a mistake. According to the official wording of the World Health Organization (WHO), "obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat, representing a health risk." To make this diagnosis, the physician should calculate the body mass index of the patient: if the BMI is equal to or above 30 kg / m2, this is an application for obesity. The indicator from 24 to 26 speaks about excess weight. You can calculate your BMI here.

Operation to reduce the volume of the stomach is usually prescribed if the BMI exceeds 40 kg / m2. If the doctor diagnoses high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, joint problems or varicose veins, the threshold is lowered to 35 kg / m2.

Studies have shown that the FTO gene is directly linked to a human fat diet. It is proved that people with a variant of gene A are predisposed to an increase in BMI, obesity and type 2 diabetes. What should these people do? All my life I must follow my diet and lead a more or less active way of life. Elementary more go: every 1000 steps reduce the amount of fat in the liver by 0.87%.

Ashley Graham - one of the most famous representatives of models plus size. Recently she appeared nude to cheer up the pysachek and show them how beautiful it is to be complete. And then she challenged Pamela Anderson and took part in a photo shoot in sexy swimsuits from the series "Rescuers Malibu." So on the sly excess weight is introduced into fashion. Yes, only these slogans "Love yourself for who you are" only lead away from the essence, and the problem remains: a person with excess weight or obesity can not be considered healthy. It is important for him to lose weight and not because of the standards of beauty.

Excess weight is the main risk factor for a number of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. At a young age, such deviations may go unnoticed, but with time they will make themselves felt.
Numerous studies have shown that the main and most effective method of treating obesity is dietary nutrition. In the process of therapy, patients can reduce weight by 5-8%. A condition is necessary - to lose weight under the control of a nutritionist, otherwise there will be no effect, or extra pounds will return with a 100% probability after a while.

Do not try to quickly lose weight. Popular low-calorie diets lead to the formation of gallstones and extremely damaging to the liver. Why - read here.
The key to the success of any enterprise is a clear plan. Therefore, above all, together with a specialist, develop a strategy of losing weight. First, understand what foods you can eat and which ones you need to exclude from the diet. If you choose a diet Table 5, then we have already worked on this issue for you - click to find out your correct diet.

Secondly, eat small portions. If you are not able to consciously limit yourself, buy small plates.

Thirdly, do not make any categorical prohibitions. Rejection of what you really love, in the long run, will not bring you happiness. Rather, it will make him unhappy. Yes, and the forbidden fruit, as you know, is very beckoning. So take for the rule sometimes to encourage yourself with something unhelpful. The keyword is sometimes.

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