How to defeat the night eating?

The harm of night raids to the refrigerator is somehow even indecent to say - it's obvious. Suffering and physical and mental health. Moreover, moral torment is often stronger than specific gastrointestinal, vascular and endocrine problems. For at stake - FIGURE. Such a petty, dirty, but, unfortunately, very powerful deity, who painfully punishes for unsuccessful approaches to the refrigerator. In general, to struggle with evening gastronomic excursions it is necessary.

The question is how?

You can, of course, stupidly hang a barn castle on the kitchen door, and give the key to him to an elderly neighbor who sleeps soundly from early evening until late in the morning. But experts who deal with the treatment of "eating disorders" (yes, yes, all seriously), argue - this problem can not be solved. The force of night hunger is such that it sweeps away all the limits of decency - or the neighbor will be awakened in the most rude manner, or the door to the kitchen is hacked. But the contents of the refrigerator in any case will re-inject into the stomach the victims of the night zhora. Untimely hunger is a consequence. And it is necessary to struggle with the reason.

So, it is already clear that at night to the refrigerator pulls first of all those who are in the active pursuit of the figure. They either sit on a diet, or simply severely limit the amount and quality (in the sense, do not observe the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates) to food. In this case, mind you, in the daytime they have enough willpower to control their stomach. At night, the spirit is broken.


Very simple. In the daytime, they are busy - working, meeting with friends, shopping, fitness, etc. In the daytime, they all recall the goal - slender dummies in the windows, the thin headmistress at work, frying the coach at the sports club. And in the evening in an empty apartment (the husband / lover does not count - he is already conquered and the incentive is not) the goal is lost. Fatigue is fixed, all daytime worries and grievances are recalled, the TV flashes, alternating advertising of appetizing flavors with reports of another plane crash (why lose weight if all the same everyone dies?) ... All, protection is broken. SOS signal! From a hungry organism that by night gets already hysterical notes, finally reaches the brain - and the way to the kitchen is open. To the weakening of the will power leads also to purely physiological reasons - the drop in the blood level of the sugar causes an oppressed state. The quantity devoured for one night approach is a separate topic. It would seem, well, it was pulled to the refrigerator - you eat a plate of salad and calm down. So no, in the course are cutlets, sausages, rolls and even a piece of cheese, which has been lying since last month, which should have been thrown away for a long time.

Firstly, the saturation signal is known to enter the brain only 20 minutes after the start of the meal, and this time is just enough to eat the contents of the refrigerator cabinet.

And secondly, the organism, tearing up to the buzz, tries to cram all the forbidden into itself, because tomorrow, tomorrow, again, the diet. And even more severe - in punishment for a night sortie. About what is next night, we already know.

In fairness, it should be noted that systematic evening raids on the kitchen are also subject to those who sweep everything in a row. Just at obesity the body gets used to working in a non-stop mode, and at night it desperately needs another portion of calories for processing and storing for a rainy day. All other factors - fatigue, stress, depressed state ("no one likes me, I'm fat, and even a plane crash will not save the situation") - the same as those of tough dieticians.

And another moment. Sometimes a wolfish hunger at the wrong time is a symptom of severe ailments like a stomach ulcer. If there is even the slightest suspicion - to the doctor!

How to deal with the night zhora. The points.

1. Sit in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and understand that losing weight in a week, eating a carrot, is absolutely impossible.

2. Believe it? Now make yourself eat. Yes, three (and preferably four) times a day, from 8:00 to 19:00, you should eat. I do not want? Do you want to be slim? Well, come on, move the jaws.

3. A sandwich with cheese, fried chicken leg and chocolate candy is possible. One day. But you can. Often, the whole problem of overeating at night is reduced to the fact that we forbid ourselves a little pleasant excesses, do not even allow ourselves to look at delicacies, and in the end we are stuffed uselessly without pleasure and advantage. At least sincere.

4. Accustom yourself in the case of an acute attack of hunger to drink first a glass of still water at room temperature. Often it successfully replaces the meal. Excellent zhhor zhor warm milk with spices (a glass of milk you bring to a boil, add turmeric, cinnamon, ground ginger on the tip of the knife and half a spoonful of honey). Juice, tea, coffee - taboo. They stimulate appetite.

5. If everything has gone off-road and the refrigerator is already open, make yourself a toast with ham or meat (cheese, cottage cheese will also suit) - and go with it to the side of the room. There is a great chance that you will not want to return back.

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