Products that you can safely eat at night

So, thanks to nutritionists, a list of permits has appeared, which can be, and sometimes even useful, to eat at night if hunger suffers, but you do not want to gain weight.

Nutritionists are sure that it is not necessary to suffer and suffer from bouts of hunger after 6 pm. A list of products that do not affect weight and even have a positive effect on the quality of sleep is defined.

We meet the magnificent ten:

1. Dark chocolate - it has little sugar, but many antioxidants that lower blood pressure, fight inflammation and improve mood.

2. Pistachios without salt are saturated with biotin, vitamin B6, thiamine, contain folic acid. It is a real storehouse of useful substances.

3. Chicken soup or vegetable broth. The main thing is that in the soup there are no heavy for digesting vegetables - beans, peas, lentils.

4. Pumpkin seeds help to cope with hunger and sleep well, since they contain magnesium, which is known as the best remedy for good sleep.

5. Milk with honey relieves stress

6. Blueberries, which with a couple of spoons of natural cream will not only become a wonderful dessert, but also help saturate the body with potassium.

7. Rice speeds up the process of producing the body hormones tryptophan and melatonin. These are extremely important substances for sleeping

8. Almonds - regular use at night contributes to natural weight correction.

9. Chicken breast - white chicken meat is rich in protein and will provide a quick sense of satiety.

10. Ginger tea - the best option, because it does not contain caffeine, is saturated with vitamins, tasty and useful.

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