Reset 25 kg per month

The purpose of the diet is to lose 25 kilos? Immediately say, the task is not simple. Whether you will get such a result depends not only on the chosen diet and exercise, but also on individual characteristics. To drop this amount of excess fat under the force only to those people who have a weight above 100 kilograms. And it's natural - to lose fat ballast is easier if a person has its colossal excess. Such an emergency disposal of extra pounds becomes stress for the body, therefore it is desirable to produce weight loss under the control of specialists.

However, this goal can not be called impossible, and with a systemic approach to getting rid of 25 kg, it is quite possible to achieve this.


The diet is built on the principle of separate nutrition, protein-carbohydrate alternation.
Do yourself indulgence and indulgence is impossible.
It is forbidden to skip meals and starve.
Vegetables cook steamed without using oil.
There are between basic meals is not recommended.
It is important to comply with the drinking regime - for a day to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.
If there was a breakdown from the diet, you will have to start over.
Table of meals by day

During the first two weeks, breakfast is the same: we eat 1-2 boiled eggs, half a grapefruit or an orange.

Weeks First Second Third Fourth
Monday is a seasonal fruit in any quantity;
- a piece of low-fat meat.

- 2 eggs, salad;
- 2 eggs, citrus.

During the day, eat any fruits without restrictions, excluding banana, grapes, figs. 4 pieces of meat or 0.5 kg of boiled chicken; Tuna without oil, 1 toast, citrus, 3-4 cucumbers and tomatoes.
Tuesday is a piece of chicken without skin;
- 2 eggs, vegetable salad, 1 toast, citrus.

- a piece of low-fat meat or cutlets, salad;
- 2 eggs, citrus.

Enjoy the boiled vegetables and salads, excluding potatoes and cereals. 2 pieces of meat, cucumbers and tomatoes, toast, apple, citrus.
Wednesday - low-fat cheese, tomatoes, toast;
- stew, salad.

- fried meat with cucumbers;
- 2 eggs, citrus.

Fruits and vegetables other than prohibited. Low-fat cottage cheese, cooked vegetables, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, toast, citrus.
Thursday is a seasonal fruit in any quantity;
- A piece of meat, a salad.

- 2 eggs, low-fat cheese, vegetables.
- 2 eggs.

Fish Day: we eat lean fish and shrimp, supplementing the diet with salad or cabbage. 0.5 kg of chicken, 3 tomatoes and 1 cucumber, 1 toast, citrus. Any kind of fruit to choose from.
Friday - 2 boiled eggs, stewed vegetables;
- fried fish, lettuce, citrus.

- a portion of boiled fish;
- 2 eggs.

Eat low-fat meat or chicken, as well as cooked vegetables. 2 eggs, lettuce leaves, 3 tomatoes, citrus.
Saturday is a seasonal fruit in any quantity;
- a portion of meat with salad.

- fried meat, tomatoes, citrus;
- fruit salad.

1 any kind of fruit without restrictions. 2 chicken breasts, 120 g cottage cheese, a piece of bread, a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, citrus.
Sunday - a piece of chicken, vegetables, citrus;
- vegetable stew.

- a piece of chicken with tomatoes, citrus;
- chicken with tomatoes, citrus.

1 any kind of fruit without restrictions. Cottage cheese, tuna without oil, boiled vegetables, cucumber and tomato salad, slice of bread, citrus.
The main achievement of the diet is a decrease in the size of the stomach. If you manage to overcome yourself and eat small portions and after this program, you will be able to maintain the result for a long time and even achieve even more impressive figures.

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