Green diet on buckwheat

Perhaps among those who at least once lost weight with the help of diets, there are those who have not heard about the effectiveness of the buckwheat program. It is considered one of the most popular in the territory of the post-Soviet space. Buckwheat is available, tasty, and most importantly - it burns fats perfectly. All of us are accustomed to eating a brown core, but the most useful is green, one that has not been heat treated. It not only helps to get rid of a few kilos in the shortest time, but also will provide invaluable health benefits, improve the condition of hair and nails.

What explains the effectiveness of the system:

Groats are complex carbohydrates, which split long enough, and, therefore, the feeling of satiety persists for a long time.
Containing in buckwheat cellulose removes toxins, salts and toxins.
In addition, the use of buckwheat increases immunity and slows down the aging of cells, because it contains many antioxidants.

There are several variations of the buckwheat method. The most common is the traditional. In the evening, pour 2 cups of cereal with warm water. After a couple of hours, drain the liquid and rinse the buckwheat thoroughly. Leave it overnight. In the morning, divide it into 5 portions, eat during the day. To adhere to such food for longer than 5 days is undesirable.

Not everyone can withstand such a system, so more sparing options were developed. For example, to supplement the diet is allowed a liter of fat-free yogurt. You can drink it between meals or at the same time as porridge. With intolerance of a fermented milk drink, it can not be replaced with fresh vegetables and fruits. Such a menu is forbidden to practice for more than 2 weeks.

Increase the benefits of cereals will allow it to germinate. The principle of the system is the same, but it is extremely important to properly germinate buckwheat. This is done as follows: rinse a glass of cereals, those grains that will float, discard. Pour buckwheat half a liter of water and leave for 1.5-2 hours, drain the water and cover with a lid, leave in a warm place. Sprouts will appear in 24 hours, at which time the groats become usable.

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