Green Kiwi Diet

Kiwi is not only a unique vitamin-mineral, but also an effective fat-burning cocktail. It contains vitamins E, C, B6 and B9, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc. Inclusion in the diet of fruit reduces the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular and oncological diseases. In addition, Chinese gooseberry removes salts from the body, neutralizes the harmful effects of nitrates and toxins, lowers cholesterol, improves mood.

There are several varieties of kiwi diet.

For 3 days

Weekly to maintain the shape, arrange unloading days for kiwi. For the event, prepare a kilogram of fruit, divide into 6 receptions and use, pre-cleaning them from the peel. Do not forget to drink a lot. The next morning, it is often possible to fix a minus kilogram.

If you want to lose up to 3 kg, the marathon can be extended for 3 days. The diet remains the same - a kilo of kiwi per day.

Attention: the system is not suitable for people who have diseases of the digestive tract and excretory system, an allergy to substances contained in kiwi.

For 4 days

Practicing a hard mono-diet for longer than 3 days is prohibited. And not everyone can sustain such a meager diet. In this case, a 4-day procedure is suitable.

Leaving the menu below is not possible!

8:30 (half an hour after awakening): muesli with wheat and kiwi.

11:30: Citrus smoothie from orange, 1/2 grapefruit, a tablespoon of wheat germ and a small amount of mineral water without gas.

14:30: manna dumplings with kiwi.

17:30: low-fat yogurt (100 g) with pieces of kiwi (200 g) and pistachios.

For a week

Weekly diets should be balanced, in the diet necessarily presence of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Repeat the green diet, which we will talk about below, should not be more than once every 2 months. To lose for the specified time it is possible to 4 kg.

Power plan


Fruit salad from kiwi, apples, grapefruit, oatmeal, sprouted wheat germ and yoghurt.

A cocktail of grapefruit and orange juice with the addition of mineral water and wheat germ.

Semolina dumplings with kiwi and strawberries.

A cocktail of kiwi (200 g), yogurt (100 ml) and whey (1 teaspoon).

A sandwich with cottage cheese and kiwi.
For 2 week

The longest kiwi method lasts a fortnight. For such an interval, you can move the balance arrow to the left for 4-5 divisions. Improve the result of weight loss will allow easy physical activities, namely: cycling, walking, etc. After the marathon, you must follow the rules for the exit, otherwise the departed kilo will return in the near future.

Breakfast Ideas:

Sandwich with cheese, boiled egg, 3 kiwi.
Fried eggs, kiwi (2 pieces), rye bread, juice.
Lunch options:

Cooked chicken (250 g), vegetable salad, kiwi (5 pcs.).
Steam fish (300 g), tomatoes (3 pcs.), Kiwi (4 pcs.), Toast, tea.
Dinner Dinner:

Cottage cheese (250 g), kiwi (2-3 pieces), fresh / tea / water.
Boiled chicken breast (150 g), a pair of boiled quail eggs, fruit platter.
Before hang up to your choice:

A glass of yogurt.
A pair of slices of unsalted low-fat cheese.
Cottage cheese (200 g), kiwi.
You can make the menu of the proposed options on your own. Supplement the daily diet recommended cocktail of kiwi, lemon, ginger and herbs, the recipe of which we will inform when talking about dieting on smoothies.

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