Green diet on cabbage

Another popular product, which many are calling for to fight fatty deposits, is cabbage. Advantages of a similar diet mass. First, an excellent result of losing weight - for 10 days, 6-10 kg is lost. Secondly, availability - the cost of white-box is affordable for everyone. Third, the benefit - it contains most of the necessary vitamins, minerals and vegetable fiber. Fourth, you can choose different varieties of cabbage, then the diet will not seem monotonous.

Fundamental rules:

For breakfast, drink a cup of black coffee, and during the day without restrictions take water and herbal teas.
When attacks of hunger is not forbidden to chew cabbage leaves.
You can not eat sugar, salt, flour and confectionery, and drink alcohol.
Practice cabbage technique more often than 2 months is forbidden!

Meal Plan


Cup of coffee.

Boiled beef / chicken / fish - 200 g;
Salad of carrot and cabbage, dressed with olive oil.

quail egg;
Chopped cabbage with lemon juice (if desired, can be replaced with diet soup);
an Apple.

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