Grape Diet

This type of weight loss is suitable for the second half of summer - the beginning of autumn. It is characterized by a strict diet, not only in terms of low caloric content, but also maximum dietary restriction. The whole menu is represented by a single product - grape berries, and to withstand such weight loss by 6 kilograms throughout the week is difficult and moral, and physically.

But there are also indisputable advantages of the system:

It helps to cleanse the digestive system, since grapes have a slight laxative effect.
Due to bioflavonoids, in excess of grape berries, the blood formula is improved.
Substances that abound in grapes, rapidly improve the appearance and strengthen hair, nails, and also contribute to the increase of turgor in the skin cells.
The best grapes for this diet for weight loss of 6 kg - red dessert or white unsweetened. Diversify the course helps fruits and juices, but some days will be fully allocated for unloading fasting.

The duration of this method of losing weight by 6 kg is a week, during this time, weight loss is really approaching this mark. During the whole week it is important to ensure frequent outdoor activities and proper rest.

An approximate diet look like this:

Monday: complete starvation. The volumes of pure water (non-carbonated) are not limited, it can be drunk as often as the body requires.

Tuesday: 1.5 kg of grapes (weight of berries is indicated) and 2 liters of drinking water.

Wednesday: complete starvation. Water to use without restrictions.

Thursday: 1.5 kg of grapes and 2 liters of drinking water.

Friday: 1.5 kg of grapes and 2 liters of drinking water.

Saturday: complete starvation. Water to use without restrictions.

Sunday: 1.5 kg of grapes and 2 liters of drinking water.

The feeling of hunger on Wednesday becomes the strongest, but after - gradually subsides, as the metabolic processes of the body come in line with the new regime.

Equally important is the correct way out of the diet, which provides for an almost complete rejection of proteins during the first week. 3 days do not use salt at all so that the liquid does not stay in the body and does not increase the waist and hip volumes that have been reduced during this time.

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