Fast diet of fashion models

With this three-day course, you can reset about 6-7 kg. The technique has gained fame in the circles of the models of the podium and is used for rapid correction of the figure on the eve of the shows. However, some time ago she came into the broad masses and fell in love with women because of her effectiveness, rarely found in other options.

Emotional state and mood during this diet is guaranteed to worsen, so only such a person, confident in his own abilities, can decide such a cardinal technique.

This type of diet refers to the protein course, so the protein component is present in all major meals. The set of products is picked up in a non-random way: on the one hand, it allows the body to function, and on the other hand it provides more weight loss than a complete refusal to eat.

The transition to such stringent restrictions should not be abrupt and follow after periods of abundant food in the periods after the holidays or rest. It is better to ensure a gradual decrease in calorie content - this will reduce the impact on health.

The menu is rather monotonous:

Morning: on an empty stomach chicken or 4 quail eggs, a cup of unsweetened drink (tea or coffee).
After 3 hours: 100 g of boiled beef meat.
After 3 hours: 100 g of cottage cheese, a cup of unsweetened drink.
This means that there is no evening meal. If the first meal is at 8 o'clock in the morning, the latter will happen at 14-00. In the evening, you can drink water unlimitedly whenever you feel hungry. This at the same time will help to get rid of the risk of constipation, which often accompany this type of food.

This diet is extremely strict, therefore it is required to limit violent physical activity, as this can cause problems with cardiovascular activity.

An important point to pay attention to is that eggs can not be salted, since salt is banned for these three days.

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