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Public Security Bureau of Phoenix Airport of Sanya City reported that the police of Sanya City on the island of Hainan, China, returned the tourist 30,000 yuan, which he forgot in his backpack at the airport of Sanya during the domestic flight. It is reported that the tourist forgot his backpack with money in the airport waiting room and the internal surveillance cameras for several days were installed and found a man who took back the money backpack. All money and a backpack in the end were returned to the owner.
The Education Council of Sanya City and the Department of the Ministry of Education of Russia in Khabarovsk during 2017 repeatedly made mutual visits and consultations and finally reached a consensus on cooperation in the field of education. In the afternoon of December 27, 2017, in a cozy atmosphere, the two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of education and a three-year action plan to deepen friendly and pragmatic cooperation in education in the cities of Sanya and Khabarovsk. Within the framework of the cooperation program, both sides will fully use their resource advantages in education and take the form of joint schools, joint sports competitions and mutual visits to various educational institutions to promote further cooperation in the field of education between the two sides. As early as January 2018, both sides will exchange visits to educational groups, there will be a mutual sending of teachers to schools, forums will be held where the educational level will be studied and cooperation between teachers will be strengthened. It is planned to invite Russian teachers to teach, support and guide schools in Sanya to open Russian language classes and Russian interest classes in February and June 2018 to promote the development of diversified education in Sanya. A delegation of teachers and students from Khabarovsk was invited to participate in scientific and technical innovation activities for primary and secondary students in Sanya in 2018.
The new three-year plan for beach comfort in Hainan province provides for the construction of 503 new free public toilets between 2018 and 2020. Most of the free tourist public toilets will be built in Sanya, where the range of public latrines will not exceed 500-700 meters. All public toilets on the island of Hainan will be kept clean, for which they will have a dedicated maintenance staff during the entire working time. All public toilets will be provided with soap, electric towels, paper towels, toilet paper, and in the toilet booths there will be hooks for outer clothing, shelves for personal belongings of visitors, garbage cans for waste. Locations of public toilets and approaches to them will be indicated by special signs, visible in the daytime and evening.
According to the new initiatives of the Hainan Provincial Government, by 2020 the fishing fleet in Hainan Province will be cut three times to ensure the cleanliness of the beaches and seawater of the province, a total of 1312 marine fishing vessels are planned to be cut. In order to effectively reduce the intensity of marine fisheries, conservation and rational use of fish resources, a total of 1,312 sea fishing vessels throughout the province of Hainan will be withdrawn from the fishing fleet and prohibited fishing, among them 268 large and medium, 1044 small. A government program will be formed to materially facilitate the retraining of fishermen for other specialties and various subsidies have been issued to them.
According to the decision of the provincial party committee and the government of Hainan Province, today in Haikou will be the ceremony of signing agreements between the province of Hainan and enterprises of other provinces of China. Vice Governor of Hainan Province will discuss with the leaders of 17 large enterprises and plan work on contract projects in the next and next year to implement projects to promote tourism and rural development, infrastructure development, high-tech and the Internet, as well as energy development. The Provincial SASAC has invited a total of 17 heads of state-owned enterprises to participate in 50 contracts, all of which are projects that central state enterprises hope to invest, which cover a wide range of issues. Over the past three years, Hainan Province and Chinese enterprises have consistently held events, signing 123 cooperation agreements involving 12 key industries for the construction of key infrastructure in the cities of Hainan Province. As of October 2017, the project campaign included 40 projects, 20 projects under construction for a total of 20.9 billion yuan, including three major telecoms operators to implement the agreement on strategic cooperation of the provincial government with the goal of completing investments of 12, 5 billion yuan Contract investment between urban and county enterprises and central enterprises reached 8.4 billion yuan. However, some projects were slowed down due to inadequate previous work and appropriate policy adjustments. Some projects were terminated due to market conditions or strategic adjustments of central state enterprises.
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