The negative consequences of the Ducane diet

Not so long ago, Ducane's diet was called perhaps the greatest discovery made since the existence of dietetics. In the published book of Dr. Pierre Ducane, many found useful for themselves the information provided and the diet. Yes, very many men and women really managed to lose weight on this diet, but in addition to evaluating the effectiveness of weight loss, any diet should be considered and from the position of the effect on the health of the person as a whole. In this aspect, the results of the Ducane diet no longer look so attractive from the point of view of getting rid of excess weight.

A recent trial of Pierre Ducane with Dr. Cohen, who lost the author of the "remarkable diet". The essence of the process was to mention to Cohen the possibility of a number of negative consequences of the diet described in the book.

1. Lack of microelements and vitamins
In the protein diet of Ducane, there is a strict list of products that are allowed to eat. As a result, the body does not receive many necessary substances in sufficient quantities and quantities. The results of such a shortage can manifest themselves in a wide range, ranging from a decline in strength to a sharp exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.

Adherents of this diet should at least combine its course with the use of a good vitamin and mineral complex, which will help mitigate the possible negative consequences of the diet. It, certainly, can not become a high-grade replacement of a various natural food, but nevertheless.

2. Increased burden on the kidneys
In some cases, protein diets can have very negative effects on the kidneys. According to the doctor-nephrologist, very many become patients of the nephrological department with a diagnosis of "tissue renal failure" as a result of compliance with diets. A doctor's consultation should be a mandatory step before you go on a diet to find out whether your body can withstand a protein diet.

In order to find out if any recommendations on nutrition are suitable for you personally, you need to make a Reberge test that will show the state of your kidneys.

3. Lack of fat
It is a mistake to believe that for a diet, a small amount of fat in food is good. In fact, things are somewhat different: fats - an important component for the functioning of the body in normal mode. With a shortage of fats, skin and digestive system are the first to know about the presence of problems. Then there is a decrease in the level of many hormones, ranging from thyroxine and ending with growth hormone. As a result, the body fails in a variety of systems, and you may not even suspect that some problems have arisen because of the diet.

Significant restriction of fat intake or their complete exclusion from the diet can be prescribed only in special diets that are used for medicinal purposes. They are prescribed to patients in the treatment of a number of diseases, and their compliance is strictly controlled by the doctor. It is very risky to use such diets on their own, while in women the lack of fats can cause other negative effects: cycle breakdown, inability to conceive, etc. Similar deviations were observed in some users of the Ducane diet.

4. Weight loss due to ketosis
The loss of several kilograms, which occurs in the first phase of the Ducane diet, is caused by the loss of the body of the accumulated liquid. There is nothing wrong with this, but the second phase transforms the body into a state of ketosis, when fatty deposits start to be used as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

Prolonged ketosis in most cases is accompanied by headaches, increased irritability, high burden on the kidneys, the risk of arrhythmia increases, as well as the likelihood of coronary heart disease and stroke. Adding a vegetable to the ration at the second stage of the diet does not change the state of things for the body - until the end of the second phase the body is still in a state of ketosis, since the amount of carbohydrates that is consumed during vegetable days is not enough.

5. Side effects from the use of sweeteners
As the cornerstone of the Ducane diet is a complete ban on the use of any sweets in any form, including fresh fruit, so beneficial to the body. Instead, it is recommended to use chemical sweeteners like aspartame, as well as artificial sweet fizzy drinks like "Cola light".

It is enough only to study in more detail the list of side effects caused by the use of aspartame, and the desire to replace them with sweets will go away by itself. Among the 90 different symptoms, there are serious consequences, ranging from spasms and pains in the joints to lupus erythematosus and a worsening of vision with multiple sclerosis.

6. Poisoning the body with protein products
Modern nutritionists say that for every single meal our body is able to absorb only a small amount of protein. 

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