How to avoid stretch marks and sagging skin during weight loss

Probably, any person who is overweight and decided to get rid of it, wants to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time. After all, I so want to see a beautiful reflection in the mirror and show off on the beach! But this approach can lead to unpleasant consequences, one of which is a very, very icky sagging of the skin.

Surely you heard about this, but did you follow this advice? Yes, having gained a kilogram of excess weight, I want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But think about it: you have not been full for a week, not even a month. Your skin is gradually stretched, millimeter by millimeter. And with a very sharp weight loss, when more than 5 kilograms are dropped per month, the skin corny does not have time to regain its former shape. The result is known: flabbiness, sagging, stretching. Certainly not the kind you would like to see in the mirror!

Doctors explain this effect of sudden weight loss hormonal changes in the body. Rapid weight loss leads to the production of a large amount of the hormone cortisol, which weakens the synthesis of special proteins (collagen and elastin), which ensure the plasticity and elasticity of the skin. Equality is also important. If the parents have stretch marks on the skin (striae), then there is a high probability that with fast weight loss they will appear in you.

When losing weight, it is very important to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and microelements. For this, you can both drink multivitamin complexes, and simply include certain foods in your diet. The most important during the weight loss period are the following vitamins:

1) C (ascorbic acid) - a vitamin that stimulates regeneration and enhances the production of collagen. Sources: apples, peaches, citrus fruits, strawberries, currants, cabbage, tomatoes, mint, kiwi.

4) B6 (pyridoxine) is a vitamin that strengthens the protective functions of the skin and promotes the normal functioning of the muscles. Sources: yeast, liver, bran, uncooked grain, potatoes, bananas, carrots.

5) PP (nicotinic acid) is a vitamin that helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and its healthy appearance. Sources: pork, cheese, fish, poultry, whole-wheat products, sorrel, parsley, peas.

6) A (retinol, axerophthol) is a vitamin that takes part in all the basic functions of the body, preserving the elasticity of the skin and strengthening the capillaries. Sources: butter, sour-milk products, liver, carrots, cabbage, potatoes.

7) E (tocopherol) is a vitamin that improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, preserving the moisture of the skin. Sources: cereals, vegetable oil, lettuce, corn.

Of course, do not forget about the water. During the period of weight loss, the body is simply obliged to receive a sufficient amount of water (not less than 1.5-2 liters). If you actively exercise and sweat, this amount should increase. Water helps to remove toxins and decomposition products from the body.

If you are going to lose a small amount of weight (3-5 kg), just take care of the skin at home, moisturize it with cream. Not bad helps to avoid stretch marks for pregnant women.

If the amount of weight that you plan to lose exceeds 10 kilograms, you should consult a cosmetologist. Professionals know exactly what needs to be done to minimize the harmful effects of weight loss for the skin. To support the skin in good condition will help the following procedures:

To avoid stretch marks and sagging skin will help active training. Combine a diet with fitness exercises, classes in the gym - this will help to maintain a healthy appearance of your skin. Try to walk more often, breathe fresh air. In the end, gather friends and go somewhere to rest! Physical exercise improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and tightens the skin.

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