How to lose weight properly

At the beginning of this year, exactly 4 months I took and lost 22 kilograms. All I needed was to understand how the human body works and works. Then there was nothing left but to take and do it. I already wrote in detail about all the stages of weight loss, but I still continue to receive a huge number of questions about the very "secret", thanks to which I got it so easily and at ease.

Then I got a photograph taken last summer, where I look like some fat pig with a huge belly and a face swamping face (the frame is just unsuccessful, yes-yes-yes). But then I absolutely did not consider myself fat. In general, I decided to make a fresh photo for comparison. Moreover, in the first article about losing weight, I was tried to convince myself that as soon as I give up my diet, I will immediately gain weight again. And here it is!

So, what's in the figures. In January of this year, I weighed 94 kilograms. By May, my weight dropped to 72 kilograms (although I generally thought that now I would lose weight to 80 kg and enough) and at this point fixed without any special action on my part. This summer, I experimented with food, exercise and gradually prepared for the next stage - a set of muscle mass. I will write about this separately, when I check the whole theory on myself.

As for weight loss, the very first and important moment: I took it and did it!

Enough to come up with excuses to postpone weight loss for an indefinite period. Lose weight can only be through diet. I already wrote about this many times. To lose weight through sports, you must soberly assess their strength - the minimum duration of training should be at least 45 minutes. This is the time it takes for the body to start the process of fat burning (that is, as the "fuel" the body began to use subcutaneous fat stores). But do not forget one more interesting point: during physical exertions the body begins to build muscle mass, that is, through the adrenal physical exertion you can only "drive" the fat into the muscles, practically without changing the total body weight. And in general, it is a strong stress for the body and without the iron willpower here is indispensable.

It is much easier, safer and more effective to remove excess fat with a diet. No, the diet is not pain, suffering and limitations. It's just a change in the meal schedule. You need to eat constantly, almost continuously, every 30-60 minutes, "feeding" the body only in those volumes that are necessary based on its current activity. In fact, you need to consume food slightly less than the body really needs. Slightly it is approximately 10% less. It is then that the body will take the missing energy from the subcutaneous fat stores. But in no case you can not starve, because. During the famine in the body, the self-preservation mode "turns on", and the person is so arranged that in the conditions of energy deficiency from the outside, his primary task will be to replenish the fat reserves from every rare meal. That is, torturing yourself with hunger, you only aggravate the situation and you can never lose weight.

It's been 4 months since my weight is 72 kg and I can share my observations for this period. At first it so happened that in June I completely abandoned any physical exercises. That is, before, during the diet, I did exercise, learned to pull up 15 times and in general by the end of weight loss my physical form was two orders of magnitude better than before. For the time that I did not give the body the target load, my weight did not change. After that I returned to the schedule of the exercise, but tried to lose weight even more. Experiments have shown that you can easily reduce weight even lower following the established rules, but with a weight of less than 70 kg, I began to feel obvious discomfort. Therefore, those 72 kg, which have turned out in a natural way and need to be considered as the right weight for my growth (182 cm) and lifestyle.

My main assistant and motivator was the Mi Band 1S bracelet, and in the summer I bought a new second version. It has even more useful features, such as: screen, SMS / mail notifications, notifications about the need to move, etc. The second version more accurately considers the steps (does not consider the movement in transport for the steps). The value of the bracelet in the accumulated statistics from which it is evident that after completing the diet I completely scored on adherence to the regime and at the same time remain in excellent shape. I also experimented with food and learned to eat sweets in tons, not adding weight.
I will try to formulate the basic principles:
• The coolest and free fitness is walking. The minimum bar for an average person is 10 thousand steps a day. You want to eat? He lifted his ass from the chair and went to the store not in the next house, but in the next block. Really works. You can score today and pass only 3,000 steps, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will have to overfulfill the plan. If you do not fulfill the norm for more than 3 days in a row - an occasion to reflect.
• The coolest dietary product - extruded bran. They must be eaten always when the "zhor" attacks. They perfectly swell in the stomach and create a feeling of satiety. Ideal replacement for chips, crackers and other sweets. This is such a brilliant "food" in which there is no harm, but only one benefit. Alternatively, it is possible to use extruded breads, they "work" exactly the same: weigh a little, but occupy a large volume in the stomach.
• The coolest dietary drink is plain water. Refuse altogether from all other liquids, the highest level of professionalism, is to replace tea / coffee with warm water. You need to drink a lot, water actively participates in metabolic processes and evaporates at high speed through the skin.
• The most dangerous product is sugar. This is a real drug and part-time enhancer of taste. It is instantly addictive and it is its excess consumption that leads to obesity. The most stupid thing is that in refined sugar there are no useful substances from the word at all. That is, there is no benefit from it in principle.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to completely exclude from the diet products with sugar (unless you try to limit yourself in some way - but this is not our method). Therefore, it is important to understand: sugar is an instant "dose" of energy, which is immediately absorbed into the blood. If you do not use it immediately, then all unused energy will instantly go to the subcutaneous fat. The conclusion here is very simple: if you unload carriages with coal and get hungry - sweet soda and chocolate bars your best friends. Hence it follows that if you lead a predominantly office-sedentary lifestyle - sodas, pies and other sweets are contraindicated to you.

Previously, I wrote that it is also possible to exclude from the diet flour products, but the practice showed that sugar at times "more dangerous" than flour. The problem is only that usually in baking a lot of sugar and harm from flour products is not due to flour, but because of the huge amount of sugar.

About the caloric content of products. I never bothered on this topic and did not consider how many calories I consumed and how much I still can eat. I eat at any time of the day, even at 2 am (although proper sleep is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle and need to sleep at least 8 hours a day).

All you need to know about energy value, composition and calorie content:
• Proteins are very cool, the more of them in the product, the better. The protein is needed for the muscles.
• Fats - in an ideal product of fats should be a little, completely from them it is impossible to refuse, but also it is not necessary to overdo it regularly.
• Carbohydrates are the main "fuel" for the body. The catch is that, on average, half the carbohydrates in most finished foods are made up of sugars. Respect manufacturers who indicate on the packaging how much of the carbohydrates are sugar.

In general, I adhere to the position that you need to listen to what the body wants. In no case can you overeat. This is a direct way to being overweight. To starve, as I said before, also impossible. And in the diet should be exactly what you want. Just need to control the amount.

And another cool lifhak: after completing the diet, absolutely ALL old clothes are given / sold / given, then go to the store and buy a new set of clothes for the current size. All the way back you no longer exist!

A few figures from my statistics Mi Fit (from January 11, 2016 to the present day)
Average number of steps per day: 9666
The total "mileage": 1884 km
Number of days in which I fulfilled the norm (10,000 steps): 120 days
Average sleep time: 6 hours (at the beginning of the year) and 7 hours (now). Of them, a deep sleep is about 2 hours.

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