Stress as a cause of obesity

If you dig in the past, then people who are accustomed to seizing the stress, for sure, there will be associations with this process from childhood. When parents offered to "get stuck" any problem: "Do they offend in school? Let's buy ice cream, "" Why are you sad? Do you want to order pizza? ". And now, when the level of stress hormone cortisol increases, a person wants to eat something sweet. Although the main function of eating is not soothing.

In ancient times there was no such problem. People ate to get the necessary nutrients and survive. With the evolution of the process of absorption of food has ceased to be only a physiological necessity, and began to carry in itself an entertaining function, soothing (how many parents habitually zatykayut children with candy). Accordingly, people's eating behavior has changed. The phenomenon of food itself appeared not for saturation, but for distraction.

Why not an apple?

Dietitians from the plow cut the spleen: do you want to eat? Eat an apple! And all, without explanation. But I do not want an apple. In stress, I want sausages or pies. Why? Also because of chemistry. Due to the fact that in sausages and pirozhenki contain substances that cause something like narcotic intoxication, only very light. Apples do not have such an additional property, and they do not need it, apples are so useful, so you do not need to make efforts to sell them. But to sell harmful food, but the one to which people are attached, and further sales are easy - you need to "enrich" this food with something, for example, taste enhancers, chemical compounds that "deceive" the brain and cause wrong, downed by Adjust the reaction of the body. But these very reactions to the stressful body really like. And there is the same vicious circle in which excess weight causes additional stress, and attempts to get rid of it become another reason for experiencing ...

How to cope with the help of a bull's eye

The level of cortisol can be reduced by eating. If you are so hungry, and just want to shiver until you feel like it, try to deceive the body. For example, eat an orange or kiwi. Vitamin C lowers the level of cortisol. Drink a capsule of omega-3. Depressive mood will leave you for a long time. And if you seize it with a banana containing tryptophan, a substance that triggers the production of natural serotonin, then you can do without a chocolate - the effect will be the same. If you already seize the stress, it is correct - so that the body received its "chemistry", but without harm to health.

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