The main psychological causes of obesity

No one will argue that it is impossible to find two people with absolutely identical fingerprints or iris eyes. Similarly, the causes of obesity in each person, including psychological ones.

Due to the complex "internal device" a person occupies the top in the hierarchy of living beings (or so we only think ourselves?). But it happens that the source of good sometimes turns into a hindrance to normal life.

Often, the excess weight, which over time can develop into obesity of a serious degree, begins with a small psychological "jamming", turning into complexes.

There is not a single person who is free from intrapersonal problems. Therefore, you can understand those who have obesity due to psychological reasons. For such people, the solution to the question of how to reduce appetite or stop overeating should pass through eliminating them.

Let's see if we have internal "failures" or "wrong" reflexes. The suggested tips for losing weight can help to break with the anchor of many years of despair.

Psychological causes of obesity

1) Food as a consolation.

What is the best surprise for a young child? Of course, sweet. Over the years, the connection "food - joy" is supported not only with sweets, but also with sausage, pizza, chips.

Gradually, strong feelings are replaced by food. I got stress at work - I had a snack with a hot dog, an unpleasant thing with my wife or girlfriend - ate ice cream, just a bad mood - devastated supplies from the refrigerator.

To interrupt or at least weaken the emotional connection with food, do something interesting. The snack will be forgotten when you do something with enthusiasm.

2) Disruption is inevitable.

Most of the time, "sitting" on hard diets, know that by reducing weight to the intended, they run the risk of falling off and very quickly regain their previous body weight.

It turns out that diet for weight loss is not as effective as we would like. This is because we are inwardly opposed to rigid prohibitions.

Therefore, do not exhaust yourself with prolonged malnutrition. Reasonably limiting the amount of food you eat, try to replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods. For example, instead of a portion of fried potatoes, eat defatted cottage cheese or instead of a slice of pizza - a vegetable stew.

Thus, you will not need to think about how to reduce your appetite and keep it within tight limits.

3) "Great weight in society."

From the old times it was said: the more important the boss, the more his belly.

If your motivation for losing weight is confronted with the desire to become a "big figure", you should think about reassuring yourself, that credibility at work and at home is better to win by other means, other than a set of excess weight.

4) The contradiction between "I want to lose weight" and "I'm afraid to lose weight".

The reasons for excess weight can be due to the fact that a woman (this is more common in the weaker sex) is afraid to become slimmer and more attractive, because girlfriends can begin to envy, and the husband - to be jealous, will have to change the wardrobe and adjust to new realities.

To get out of the situation, you need to overcome self-doubt, raise self-esteem and learn to leave the comfort zone on time.

5) "I'm bad."

If you consider yourself worse than others, a loser, and then disappointed in life and fall to the bottom of the "lying stone," nothing good will come of it. Against the background of the spleen, which grows into depression, you can not only gain weight, but also lose your health and motivation for life.

So throw out the idea that you are worse than others. If you lose something in something, then in many things you are better than many. Find your positive sides, holte and cherish them. Love yourself, learn to accept yourself as it is, you have every right to it.

6) Accumulated grievances.

If you are vulnerable, sensitive and take your life too seriously, then you should learn not to "swallow" the insults. They, getting inside, can accumulate and lead to a violation of hormonal balance, fraught with excess kilograms.

Therefore, revise your attitude towards others and to life in general. Let you do not touch other people's taunts, ill-willed looks and other manifestations. Negative must pass through you, leaving no traces. Let the grievances go free and do not "get stuck" in these troubles.

7) To hide.

If the wife does not want to fulfill the "conjugal duty", she begins to get fat. She subconsciously wants to become unattractive to her husband, so he abandoned attempts to solicit her.

If you are trying to hide from something behind your voluminous abdomen, it is worth considering about the elimination of this psychological cause of obesity. In the example given, there may be two ways out: to divorce if the husband is not loved, or together to learn pleasant sex.

Listen to the desires of your body and draw conclusions that it suggests.

We are very difficult. Each of us is a whole world in a tight shell. And these psychological causes of obesity can not cover the whole spectrum of the problem (even banal lack of sleep can contribute to excess weight).

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