Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet is designed specifically for bodybuilders - it is used for body drying and fat burning. At the heart of the diet are fats and proteins, and carbohydrates are almost completely excluded. This causes the body to use fat reserves as an energy source. There are three types of keto diet:

Standard - simple and suitable for beginners. It differs by a constant ratio of BJU without days with an increase in carbohydrates (refs).
Target (targeted) - means rephids before and after training. This diet is necessary for those who exposes the body to heavy loads and do not want to feel lethargic, lack of energy.
Cyclic (advanced) - allows periodic use of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen in the muscles.
Due to the abundance of proteins, the diet is non-cold. If you observe all the rules and intensive training in the gym you will lose up to 3-4 kg a week. This is a comfortable indicator for health. At the same time, excess weight does not come back, as soon as you finish sticking to the diet. The daily caloric value of food for fat burning is calculated by the following formula:

Proteins - 4 kcal per 1 kg of weight;
Fats - 9 kcal per 1 kg of weight;
Carbohydrates - 4 kcal per 1 kg of weight.
From the received sum it is necessary to subtract 500 - as a result you will learn, how much calories it is necessary to use in day.


The diet includes any products with a minimum content of carbohydrates.
To obtain the desired level of saccharides, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits.
The basis of the diet - eggs, butter, cheese, meat, non-starchy vegetables, whey protein.
It is advisable not to eat complex dishes and fast food - it is difficult to calculate how many BJU is included in their composition.
Food should be supplemented with multivitamins.
Be sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise quite soon you will come from the smell of acetone.
It is necessary to refuse baking, sugar, confectionery, chocolate, dried fruits, bananas, vegetable spreads, etc.

You can create the menu yourself, strict recommendations in this sense is not provided.

Breakfast (optional):

Omelette of 3 eggs, a sandwich with cheese.
Cottage cheese with honey.
3 eggs, citrus.
Cottage cheese casserole, grapefruit.
Omelette with beans.
Snacks (2 times a day):

Cottage cheese.
Adyghe cheese.

30 grams of rice, a piece of chicken and vegetable sliced.
Beef with beans, tomato.
Stewed vegetables, veal.
30 grams of buckwheat, grilled chicken.
Salad from fish, cheese and cucumbers.
Caesar salad with shrimps.

Fish, cottage cheese, vegetable sliced.
Salad with beans and tuna, egg cake.
Mix of fresh vegetables, mackerel.
Turkey in tomato sauce.
Beef Stroganoff and steamed vegetables.

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