Diet of Gillian Michaels

This is a popular fitness trainer of the United States, which gained special recognition on the project "Losing the most", where she helped dozens of people with a critically high body weight to get a slender and smart silhouette. Gillian has developed her own nutrition program, which in combination with active training helps to achieve incredible results. The essence of her diet for a month is reduced to the fact that for 30 days a person loses not more than 10 kg. This is the most comfortable and safe figure for those who decided to put themselves in order.


Nutrition is reinforced by regular (preferably daily) training on a special system.
The basis of the diet is the products involved in fat burning: seafood, lean meat, beans, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, seeds.
The list of forbidden food is provided: baking, fast food, alcohol, flavor enhancers, trans fats.
It is necessary to limit the use of sausages, sausages, high-calorie sauces.
Calculate the individual need for daily calories according to the formula 655 + (weight kg × 9.57) + (growth cm × 1.852) - (age in years × 4.7). If you increase the figure, then you can not lose weight, and if you lower - the metabolism will slow down.
It is necessary to drink 2 liters of clean water - it cleanses the body of toxins and toxins.
It is important to keep a food diary in which you need to fix all the foods and drinks consumed during the day, counting their calorific value.
The diet depends on the rate of metabolism: with a slowed down in the food supply products with long carbohydrates, with a fast - proteins.
We will have to give up salt - it is she, according to D. Michaels, who is killing a slender figure.
Power is quite simple and diverse, especially strict limits and prescriptions that must be strictly followed, no. In a basis of a ration there are vegetables and fruit, low-fat meat.


To develop a diet for yourself you can independently, being guided by the rules of this program. For inspiration, check out the food options:


Omelette, coffee or tea without sugar.
Oatmeal with apple and nuts.
Cottage cheese with pineapple and berries.
A potato with a sausage.
½ banana, soft wafers, tea with honey.

A fruit is a pear, an apple or a kiwi fruit.
Orange or grapefruit.
Apple-banana smoothies.
Pear and mozzarella.
Egg, apple.
Protein bar.

Serving low-fat meat or fish.
Salad of chicken, avocado and mango.
Pea porridge.
Grilled veal, corn.
Grilled vegetables.

Vegetable salad with lentils in vegetable oil.
Salmon with yoghurt sauce.
Homemade pizza with tomatoes, onions, olives and cheese.
Braised chicken.
Chicken with beans.
As snacks, it is also possible to use sour-milk products with a fat content of not more than 2.5%.

Complex exercises "Slender figure for 30 days"

Exercise is an integral part of the diet, without which weight loss will not be so intense and full. It is necessary to play sports regularly and correctly. Gillian developed her own complex, which will accelerate weight loss and allow a month to get a slender, pumped-up body.

The whole complex is divided into 3 stages for 10 days. Each of them includes three cycles of exercises: power, cardio and press. The total duration of one workout is 30 minutes, including a warm-up and a hitch. The schedule of classes looks something like this:

The first stage is performed within 10 days.
Day rest.
We perform the second stage - also 10 days.
We rest.
The final stage.
Before proceeding to these exercises, measure the volume of the hands, waist, hips and record these results. If after a month of this marathon the results do not satisfy you, you can extend the course of nutrition and perform other exercises by Gil Michaels.

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