Diet of Eugene Komarovsky


Pregnancy and childbirth have different effects on the body of every woman. The vast majority of women during pregnancy and feeding gain weight excessively - up to 20 kg per year. And it is very difficult to cope with such "accumulations". Dr. Komarovsky, popular in the countries of the former USSR, offered one of the most effective weight loss systems for nursing mothers. His diet for a month can get rid of extra pounds without stress for the mother and child. During this period with this diet, you can lose 3-5 kg, depending on the weight gained and the motor activity of a woman.


To exclude from a ration canned food, half-finished products, smoked products.
Diversify the diet - to monitor the balance of nutrition.
There are at least 4 times a day. And better - 6.
Drink plenty.
I cook the food for a couple, cook or simmer.
Be sure to eat fish and seafood.
There are regular dairy products.
The list of products that need to be limited in the diet or, if possible, completely eliminated is quite wide: sausages, caviar, fatty meat, eggs, high-calorie sauces, whole cow's milk, semolina and oatmeal, alcohol, cocoa.

Meals by month

The ration is calculated for the year following the birth of the child. From the first days after the birth, you can start working on yourself.

The first 10 days to adhere to the vegetarian menu: there are vegetables, baked in the oven fruit, porridge. It is allowed to add a little bit of butter to the portions.
From the 11th, we start to gradually introduce into the diet fish and chicken, sour-milk products. It is forbidden to eat raisins, sour cream, meat broth.
On the 2nd and 3rd months of the menu you can add a little cherry or apple jam, chicken meat, veal, peanuts, lean borsch.
For 4-5 months we add honey, millet porridge, pearl barley.
From 6 to 12 months, we gradually introduce all other prohibited products: juices, quail eggs, baked potatoes, beans and legumes.
If possible, permanently exclude from the food sausages, canned goods, soda and mayonnaise sauces.

Menu for the day

At 6 am - a glass of yogurt.
In the 9th - breakfast. We eat milk rice porridge, a sandwich with butter and cheese, tea.
We have a snack with an apple.
We have lunch with carrot salad with dried apricots and cranberries, cabbage soup, potato casserole with meat. We drink compote.
For a mid-morning snack we drink juice with biscuits.
We dine with fish and vegetable ragout, complemented with sliced ​​cucumbers and greens. We drink tea with milk.
The diet should be based on local products that are actively used in your region.

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