Diet of Hazan

The technique was developed and introduced by the Latvian nutritionist Lev Hazan back in Soviet times. The effectiveness of this diet is evidenced by its popularity, which has not declined for decades. The system of weight loss is classified as low-calorie, since a daily diet is limited to only 1200 kcal. However, there are no special restrictions on the products themselves: you can eat anything, most importantly, within the limits of the allowed calorie content. To lose weight on the diet of Liepaja you only need to significantly reduce the size of the portion.

In addition, Lev Hazan is sure that losing weight with fatty dishes is much easier and faster than making your diet on the basis of only low-calorie foods. So it's easier to eat 100 grams of olivier than 300 g of vegetable dietary salad with meat.


You need to eat at the same time, not skipping meals.
I cook food myself, to know exactly what ingredients are included in it.
It is necessary to count calories and not exceed the figure of 1200 kcal per day.
Massage your neck, legs and hands daily, and regularly take hot baths with salt.
Do moderate sports.
If you drink tea and coffee, then they should not be strong.
The alcohol is vetoed.
Sweets and sugar are excluded from the diet.
The interval between meals should not be more than 5 hours.
Menu for the week

Weekly diet should be repeated 4 times. Thus, weight loss will last 28 days. If desired, you can increase the duration of the diet to 2 or even 3 months.

Monday Thursday:

З: sandwich with butter and cheese.
L: 135 grams of meat, vegetable sliced, juice.
A: Vinaigrette, a few sprats, a piece of bread.
U: a glass of yogurt or milk.
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday:

З: sandwich with butter and sausage.
L: 135 grams of fish, vegetable salad, juice.
A: meat salad with mayonnaise, bread.
U: milk or kefir.

3: 2 eggs.
L: 135 grams of meat and salad.
A: Vinaigrette, sprats, bread.
U: milk or kefir.
This is an orienting menu, in which you can make adjustments at will, replacing some dishes with others. For a month on such a diet you can lose up to one-third of excess weight. That is, to achieve the ideal result of sticking to this menu is recommended 3 months in a row.

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