Inna Volovichova's diet

Inna Volovichova is a popular character in the Dom-2 project, which managed to lose 40 kg of excess weight in a short time. At the same time she adhered to a special food system, which, according to Inna, she developed herself. Surprisingly, this food system does not imply strict food restrictions and strict limits. Do not need expensive drugs or any special products. The average weight loss by this technique is 3-4 kg per week. The list of banned products traditionally includes products with monosaccharides. They are superimposed on a total ban for the entire term of a lean marathon.


You need to eat separately and split, that is, do not eat carbohydrates and proteins at the same time.
The weight of the portion should not exceed 300 g.
It is necessary to support the body by taking a complex of vitamins.
Refuse to eat after 6 pm.
2 times a week you need to arrange unloading days - drink only green tea with milk.
It is advisable to eat at the same time.
A large role is played by a regular sex life, which will correct hormonal health.
It is important to periodically visit the bath - it relieves the body of toxins and toxins.
Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
Menu for the week

This 7-day diet should be repeated 4-5 times. If desired, weight loss can be prolonged for several months until the desired weight values ​​are achieved. Each meal ends with a cup of coffee, black, green or herbal tea.


Rice with a green apple.
Omelette of 4 eggs, tomato salad.

Boiled rice.
Chicken breast and lettuce.
Boiled breast and grapefruit juice.

Buckwheat and kefir.
Serving of beef and tomatoes.
Beef and stewed cabbage.

Oatmeal porridge, fruit.
Beef and sea kale.
Chicken breast and tomatoes.

Portion of fish with vegetables.
Omelette and vegetable sliced.

Rice with apples.
Seafood and vegetables.
Boiled breast with zucchini.

Buckwheat with yogurt, citrus.
Meat with canned peas.
Yogurt, apple and a glass of juice.
If you reinforce the changed diet diet for a month by regular physical exercises, the result will be more rapid and sustainable.

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